Nitrous oxide or gas of laughter: effects on health

Every so often we know fashions of addictions that can become a real danger to health. In fact, a few months ago he warned of the risks of getting drunk with vodka or whiskey buffers, a practice known by the name of slimming He arrived in our country from Germany, just after he arrived from the United States.

However, we must alert on this occasion about a new addiction that is causing alarm among medical specialists.

Nowadays, the use of the so-called nitrous oxide among the youngest (popularly known by the name of laughing gas), that for the modest price of 5 euros they may experience a certain drunkenness or a feeling of happiness and well-being for a maximum period of 3 minutes.

The practice in most cases is the same: in clubs, discotheques or private parties young people pass balloons full of nitrogen oxide, inhaling two or three times to experience the different sensations it causes. However, its effects on health are not at all positive.

Effects of laughing gas on health

Medical experts have already begun to warn about the effects that nitrous oxide causes on health, since its continued consumption not only tends to create addiction, as in the end any other substance or narcotic compound.

On the one hand, while an overdose can cause fainting and respiratory arrest (which can even lead to death), continued use can cause a degeneration of the spinal cord, as a result of blocking the action of vitamin B12.

The risks are even greater when the use of laughing gas is combined with other drugs, such as hallucinogens, cocaine or marijuana.

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Nitrous oxide gas side effects (laughing gas). It causes health risks! (July 2024)