No, smelling lemons does not prevent cancer

Last January, Mariló Montero, presenter of the television program The Morning of 1, which is broadcast every morning on Spanish Television, made a statement that alarmed and alerted many doctors and health specialists: "Smelling lemons could prevent cancer". Concretely, this was his manifestation. «We have a lemon here, they have the house, take the lemon, or the orange, bring it to your nose, you can smell it and if you squeeze a little the smell comes out and you can fill the whole house. The scent of lemon can prevent cancer. We'll see if essential oils can also prevent cancer, if they have the same anticancer effects as the piece of fruit» After such a statement, the Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO) issued a statement in which it expressed "its strongest complaint for such a statement without firm scientific basis, which only causes concern and suffering to people suffering from this type of disease ", In a letter sent to the Ombudsman.

Well, a few weeks later, it was the TVE itself that has been forced to rectify the words of the presenter and those responsible for that claim. For this, they have made public a statement in which they defend the work and the rigor of the section Know how to live (in which Montero expressed himself in those terms), but criticizing such an expression. In the words of the statement, "can not and should not advise the practice of aromatherapy as a way to prevent cancer, or any other technique or therapy that is not supported by medical organizations in the field of oncology in our country."

It is true that Mariló Montero is not expressly mentioned in the communiqué, stating only that "it is necessary to clarify this fact after the dissemination of Know how to live of a story about citrus aroma and its possible effect on laboratory tumor cells, based on a study developed and published by the Ruhr University ". And he continues affirming that although a study "by its journalistic head can be more or less showy", its duty is "to approach it with rigor and to allow that the doctors offer the corresponding advice or recommendation in the field of health education".

The statement of the Collegial Medical Organization

«Given the situation caused by the statements of the presenter of The morning From TVE's 1, Mariló Montero, who on January 21 said that the scent of lemon prevents cancer, the Collegiate Medical Organization (WTO) wants to express its strongest complaint for such a statement without firm scientific basis, that the only What it causes is restlessness and suffering to people who suffer from this type of disease.

We believe that one can not frivolize on a subject as sensitive as cancer and less on public television that should be rigorous on health issues and should have opinions based on experts on the subject in question.

The reaffirmation of the presenter, held last February 6, on the hypothesis that lemon scent prevents cancer, based on a study that a component of the lemon could inhibit the growth of cancer cells in laboratory cultures, but of which no animal tests have been carried out, nor, of course, clinical trials, it only makes the situation worse for many anguished people and shows, once again, the frivolity of their claim.

Therefore, we ask that the TVE make it clear to the audience that, today, there is no scientific evidence that the smell of lemon prevents cancer. And command the hostess to abstain in the future from making banal statements in matters related to health. "

About the study of the University of Ruhr-Bochum (Germany)

The affirmations of the journalist Mariló Montero were due to some information that was published in the month of January on a study carried out in the University of Ruhr-Bochum, in Germany, according to which the citrus essences would inhibit the liver cancer.

This study showed how terpenes, the main component of the essential oils present in some plants or flowers -such as the case of lemon trees or orange trees- could inhibit the growth of different cancer cells.

In the aforementioned program, in addition to the statements of the journalist, Ana Bellón - a nutritionist who also participates and collaborates in the program - assured that it was in fact a study "the least curious", admitting that Actually as a nutritionist what he recommends is the full consumption of citrus fruits.

What actually prevents cancer?

Actually yes there are some healthy habits that help in the prevention of certain types of cancers. In this sense, it is essential to follow a lifestyle as healthy as possible, avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. It is also important to practice physical exercise on a regular basis, every day, for 30 to 40 minutes.

These habits should be combined with the pursuit of a varied and balanced diet, rich in healthy and natural foods. Among the most interesting foods include fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables, whole grains (very rich in fiber, which for example helps in the prevention of colon cancer), legumes and fish.

When it comes to food, it is also important to avoid fat and very fatty foods and foods, with high amounts of saturated fats. It is also convenient to eliminate trans fats from our diet, as well as industrial pastries, sweets and refined sugar.

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