Nursery or Nursery School?

Well for work or because we consider our son's income to be beneficial to an institution where he can relate to children of his age, we have to decide in what "keep" we put it. It is here when the question arises whether to enroll our child in a nursery or a school for children. But ... They're the same, right?

The definitive and definitive answer is do not. A daycare and a nursery school are not the same. What they are equal to is the age of their "clients" from 0 to 6 years old.

What is a daycare?

The nursery functions as a "keep" for our children, with this we mean that their goal is to make the waiting time pleasant while the parents work.

In a day care center, more importance is given to the aspects related to the care of the baby or the child. The rooms are more oriented to the basic needs of your child, having in their interior high chairs, cots, etc. and the materials with which the child plays have an especially ludic purpose.

The professionals who will attend your child must have a first aid course and be a Child Education Technician or Auxiliary.

These centers are not subject to follow any type of educational project or any methodology. In this way, they are not linked to the Educational System and therefore do not follow any type of pedagogical objectives.

What is a Child Education Center?

These centers are basically educational. They focus on the development of skills and the evolution of social, cognitive, psychomotor, etc. aspects.

The Early Childhood Education centers prioritize education versus care. This does not mean that in schools children are not cared for in their basic needs (diapers, eating, playing), but there is an educational routine that combines with care and both spaces are well defined and separated.

The professionals who will attend your child in this case will be holders of the university degree of Teaching in Infant Education or Higher Technician of Infant Education. In addition, there may be more assistance personnel as auxiliaries.

These centers are governed by the Organic Law on Education and, therefore, not only are part of the Spanish Educational System, but they adhere to a curriculum where the objectives, contents and evaluation are standardized throughout the State. It is for this reason that Early Childhood education centers are more susceptible to both academic and health inspections, in order to preserve educational quality.

So, what do I choose?

As you can see, both choices are different, neither better nor worse, you just have to analyze which is best suited to your needs. Some criteria that you can take into account are:

  • Schedule: ask yourself in what time slot you need these services and for how long. The nurseries have more flexible schedules while the Infantile Schools, as we mentioned, follow a more organized class schedule. On the other hand, if you are not going to leave the child many hours or if you will not take it daily, a daycare will probably be more profitable since your child will not lose "the thread" of the educational projects that take place in the Schools.
  • Price: Normally, educational services are more expensive (except for the public) than day care services. Keep in mind that the professionals working in Early Childhood Education centers are very well prepared and are up to the standards of any other teacher who works in a school.
  • Objective: If your goal is for your child to interact with other children and what you are looking for is to socialize you do not have to go to a children's school, remember that compulsory schooling begins at 6 years of age. In the case that you prefer that your child already begins to take the educational curriculum focused on the development and evaluation of social skills, cognitive, motor, etc., the nursery is not your site.

Once all these aspects have been weighed and others, such as the closeness or quality of the professionals, you will have a clear answer. In case you still have some doubts we recommend that you visit the facilities of the centers and ask for more information there. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician.

Nursery School or Daycare| Lydia Encyclopedia TV (September 2022)