Nutrition for nails

Follow each day, and above all on a regular basis, a healthy nutrition and one healthy nutrition It is always advisable, not only when you want to enjoy good health, but also when the person wants to have a healthy young skin.

So, for example, we can find a series of basic recommendations to take into account: there are certain vitamins for the skin that help in a positive way, just as we can also find ourselves with useful vitamins for hair or hair.

However, in addition to the skin, nail can be benefited or harmed, depending on whether or not we follow a healthy and healthy diet, rich mainly in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, we talk below about how it should be correct nutrition for nails.

Nutrition for nails

When it comes to maintaining a correct nutrition for nails, it is essential to follow a diet rich in foods with a high content of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

In this sense, as regards the most appropriate vitamins, we find, for example, vitamin A (found in red peppers, carrots or tomatoes), as well as vitamins from group B (which we find mainly in brewer's yeast or whole grains).

When it comes to minerals, iron, iodine, calcium and zinc, which can be found in dairy products, especially spinach or livers, can not be absent.

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