Oatmeal porridge in the microwave: how to do it

The microwave has become for many years an extremely important element in the kitchen of many houses, mainly because it allows us to heat any food or drink in a simple and easy way, without having to put things on fire as it used to be done.

However, nowadays it is also becoming an authentic culinary tool for many chefs and housewives, since it is not only used to heat food, but also to cook it. Thus, it is very common to find books in the library with a wide variety of microwave cookbooks, which have something in common: in general, their recipes are very easy to follow.

An example is the microwave porridge about whose recipe we want to talk to you on this occasion. That delicious dish of English origin on which there is a very great tradition in England, and which in fact has become very popular also in our country.

As you probably know, it's a kind of oatmeal cream, made with oatmeal flakes cooked over a fire with milk. This allows to obtain a cream of soft consistency, which then, once served, is usually accompanied by fresh seasonal fruits, chocolate or some natural sweetener (such as, for example, panela). In our country, for example, it is also known by the name of porridge.

But did you know that it can also be easily made in the microwave? Discover the ingredients you need and the steps to follow. It is extremely simple, fast and tremendously easy.


  • 1 cup of milk or vegetable drink
  • 4 tablespoons of fine oat flakes

Microwave preparation:

Put the cup of milk or vegetable drink in a rather large bowl first. Place it in the microwave and heat at high or maximum power (600 W), for 2 minutes.

After this time, stir the oats well. Re-insert in the microwave, and again, heat another 2 minutes at the same power.

Repeat the process: remove the bowl from the microwave and stir it again.

If you notice that something liquid has been left, and you prefer it with a thicker and denser consistency, you can re-introduce it once again in the microwave, heating for 1 or 2 minutes more.

Porridge of oats and fruit

The porridge of oats and fruits is a delicious dish with many health benefits, besides being very nutritious. Find out how to do it at home with this recipe.

And how to make the traditional porridge?

The original oatmeal porridge recipe is easily made by putting a cup of milk in a saucepan (it can also be any vegetable drink you like), 4 or 5 tablespoons of fine oatmeal flakes, and cooking everything on medium-low heat for some minutes until it starts to boil, while stirring occasionally to prevent the porridge from sticking.

When it boils we must reduce the fire to the minimum and continue stirring, until it acquires the desired texture. ThemesRecipes for breakfast

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