Olive oil brands that deceive the consumer according to the OCU

On this day, October 25, 2012, it has been known that the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has accused nine olive oil brands of cheating the consumer sold products labeled under the 'extra virgin olive oil' variety when their category is simply 'virgin'.

This translates to the final consumer in which the products that are sold are sold at a higher price (close to one euro more), when in reality their oil is of lower quality.

The OCU has indicated that it is not a security problem, but a real "deception in the pocket", since the average price of the liter of virgin oil is around 2.38 euros, while the extra virgin reaches 3 , 32 euros.

The organization has reached this conclusion after carrying out chemical and organoleptic analyzes to a total of 40 brands, of which 34 were actually extra virgin olive oil and 6 only virgin.

What are the brands that supposedly cheat the consumer according to the OCU?

Below we indicate the list of the 11 brands of olive oil allegedly, and always according to the OCU, deceive the consumer:

  • Allied (The English Cut)
  • Arteoliva
  • Consum
  • Condis
  • Coosur
  • Eroski
  • Hojiblanca (in plastic packaging)
  • Olisone (Lidl)
  • Ybarra

In addition, the OCU has also denounced that the extra virgin olive oil that marketed the brand 'Maeva' and the virgin under the brand 'Olilán' are actually lampante oils, not suitable for sale.

The OCU has informed the National Consumption Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture, so that they can finally determine whether or not any infringement has been committed, and in the case of proceeding, punish the brands that may have deceived the consumer.

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