Omega 6: benefits and properties

The fatty acids, from a nutritional point of view, are the most important components of fats, highlighting above all the unsaturated fatty acids for its heart-healthy benefits and its different properties in the control of both cholesterol and triglycerides. Within these unsaturated fatty acids we find the Omega 3 Y omega 6.

Regarding omega 6 fatty acids, it is also known as linoleic acid, arachidonic acid or gamalinolenic acid (GLA).

They are characterized by being a type of essential polyunsaturated fat, and they are precisely unsaturated fatty acids because they have double bonds in their molecule between their carbon atoms.

Benefits of omega 6

  • Heart-healthy benefits: It contains healthy properties for the circulatory system, so that it helps lower triglycerides, reduces cholesterol, protects against angina and also prevents diseases such as arrhythmias.
  • Benefits for hair: It can be used by people suffering from constant hair loss, since it is related to a lack of blood flow in the hair follicle.
  • Ideal for women: It is highly recommended for women, because it helps to reduce premenstrual symptoms, being usual its use in capsules or tablets with evening primrose oil.
  • Appropriate in diabetes: It helps maintain balanced insulin levels, while preventing the effects of the disease.
  • Useful for men: Recommended for the problems of male impotence, thanks to the fact that it helps improve circulation.

Where to find omega 6?

At the time of being able to enjoy the different properties of the omega 6, it is fundamental and useful to know what foods contain omega 6. In this sense, the following foods stand out:

  • Vegetable oils: sunflower oil, soy, corn, sesame and peanut.
  • Meats and eggs
  • Fruits: currants.
  • Breastmilk.

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