Place an onion next to the child's bed: remedy against mucus

The mucus or mucus consists of a viscous substance that our body produces completely and completely natural, as a way to protect against germs from the nose and sinuses, something very common especially when we have colds or agripados.

This is because in these cases the nose and sinuses are first infected, at which time the nose expels a light colored mucus. However, when some days pass (between two or three), the cells of our immune system come into action, changing the color of the mucus, which turns green or yellow.

Although the best treatment against nasal mucus is to wait and have patience, given that nasal mucus always improves by itself with the passage of days, it is possible to follow some natural remedies that help in a positive way when fighting against mucus. One of the most popular has the onion as the protagonist; In fact, the cough onion it becomes a traditional remedy as well known as wonderful.

We explain what it is and what are its most important medicinal and healing benefits.

What is the onion remedy against mucus?

Surely you already know this popular remedy, especially if your grandmother or your mother did it when you were sick with flu or just when you had snot and you were sniffing.

It consists of cutting half an onion and placing it on or under the bedside table, Next to the bed. For the remedy to be effective must be left overnight.

Benefits of placing half onion cut next to the bed

Since the cut onion will remain overnight near our bed, we will breathe the different volatile components of this food, which is very effective and helps when it comes to clean the airways of natural form.

Yes, for the remedy to be effective it is very important to change the onion every night.

On the other hand, for this remedy to work it is very important that the mucus is not too thick, and that it is somewhat more fluid.

Properties of onion against mucus

Onion is a food with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, whose consumption is especially recommended in case of flu and colds, thanks to its qualities to fight all kinds of infectious diseases.

Because of the gases that it gives off when cutting its layers (which can become irritating, which is why it makes us cry when we prepare it in the kitchen), helps us to clean the airways and therefore it is useful to breathe better, hence it is ideal to relieve mucus. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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