Problems of the most common nails and how to protect them to prevent them

Throughout our lives it is possible that at some point we may suffer from some other condition in the nails. Nails are hardnesses of the skin that protect the tissues of the fingers and that are formed by keratin, a fibrous and hard protein that is found forming layers in the nail.

Due to the place where they are located the nails are exposed to suffer some aggression and as a result of it instead of its normal state appear with alterations. Alterations such as color change to breakage, texture changes as well as landslides.

However, healthy nails have a uniform, transparent or pink color and their texture is smooth. The alterations in the nails can end up being annoying as well as unsightly. These alterations are onychomycosis (infection by fungi), onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail), psoriasis (peeling of the surface).

The main problems of the nails


Onychomycosis is a fungal infection. It is one of the most common or frequent disorders and affects mainly people with diabetes, athletes. It usually appears on the toenails, more specifically in a nail although it can be extended to the others.

The symptoms presented by the nails are: the color change, the nails become yellow or white and in their texture also appear changes become hard, rough and sometimes they can get to separate from the skin to the point of falling.

To improve these symptoms and as long as they do not get worse, it is usually started using topical products such as enamels, creams, antifungal powders.

When dealing with more serious cases, we must go to the doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment that is usually by oral intake based on "antifungals".

Prevention is usually the best remedy for this nail problem does not appear as, dry your feet after showering, wear comfortable shoes that do not squeeze our feet as it will exert pressure on the nails and be bruised and socks that we use should be cotton.

Onychocryptosis (ingrown toenails)

This nail problem is usually of a hereditary nature and affects the young population. The symptoms of this condition is quite annoying because the nail tends to bury itself on one side of the finger (ingrown toenail) producing inflammation, redness, intense pain, and even pus may appear.

Given these symptoms it is best to go to the podiatrist to extract the side of the nail that has been buried or incarnated and thus prevent the infection is more serious.

There are occasions in which onicocriptosis becomes more serious and in these cases it becomes necessary to resort to surgery.

To prevent onicocriptosis we can follow a series of tips such as the following:

  • Cut the nails in a square shape, avoiding rounding the lateral areas of the nails.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, wide enough especially in the front area so that the fingers are loose and there is no pressure on the nails.


Although the psoriasis it may be familiar to us as a skin condition it can also appear on the nails.

This problem usually appears with greater tendency in the people who suffer from psoriasis in the skin and is of genetic origin.

Psoriasis on the nails shows symptoms like, salmon or yellowish spots, rough texture, the nail becomes thick, and often fall off.

Psoriasis can appear on both the nails of the hands and the toenails, although it is more frequent in the fingernails of the fingers.

In case of suspicion of these symptoms, it is necessary to go to the specialist doctor to prescribe and pause the treatment.

The treatments are usually based on creams or lotions with corticoids, hence the need for a medical prescription.

Tips to take care of our nails

To take care of our nails we must carry out a series of recommendations such as the following:

  • The hygiene plays a very important role: when it comes to washing hands or showering, we must dry very well and with care because with humidity, fungi or infections may appear.
  • Wear wide shoes especially at the tips, use cotton socks and frequent change of socks.
  • Wear rubber socks when we go to the pool, rubber shoes in the gym or public bathroom.
  • Protect our hands with gloves when we go to use cleaning products or in gardening.
  • We must cut the nails carefully and squarely.
  • Do not use metal files.
  • We should not bite our nails.

Following these basic tips can prevent many common problems and conditions of the nails, since the first step is to take care of them. ThemesNail

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