Prohibited foods in people with lactose intolerance

The lactose intolerance It is a very common eating disorder today. In fact, it is estimated that many of the people who suffer from it, really only a few know for sure.

The lactose is the sugar of milk, which is broken down into two other simpler sugars (glucose and galactose), a process that is carried out by the small intestine thanks to the action of the enzyme lactase.

But when there is a lactase deficit, the lactose passes quickly to the large intestine without having decomposed before, beginning to ferment and causing a series of characteristic symptoms such as acidity and gas.

Hence, if drinking milk causes some of these symptoms, we are probably lactose intolerant. But it has a solution: choose milk without lactose, which include all the benefits and properties of milk, but which have been eliminated lactose.

You should also pay special attention to the Prohibited foods in people with lactose intolerance, given that in the market we can find a great diversity of foods and food products made with milk. Take good note.

  • Milk and milk products derived: milk, milk shakes, fresh cheese, curd and products (yoghurts, custards, rice pudding, dairy desserts that do not need cold ...).
  • Potatoes: mashed potatoes and soups made or enriched with milk or milk.
  • Meats and derivatives: charcuterie (among which stand out sausages and commercial sausages).
  • Pastry and pastry: as cookies, biscuits, crepes, buns and pasta.
  • Fat: derived products such as cream, butter and margarines.

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