Prohibited foods with high cholesterol and triglycerides

Both cholesterol and high triglycerides become a serious health problem, especially when their levels remain high for long periods of time, since they are difficult to diagnose unless it is too late (and causes some cardiovascular problem) ), or else the person will perform a blood test.

In this sense, a blood test that measures the values ​​of fats in blood is always the best option when discovering -and knowing- how cholesterol and triglyceride levels are. As you know, although cholesterol and triglycerides are essential for the proper functioning of our body, when they are at high levels tend to accumulate in our arteries.

When a person is diagnosed with cholesterol and / or high triglycerides, the doctor indicates a diet with those foods that are prohibited and with which they can consume.

What are the prohibited foods in case of high cholesterol and triglycerides?

Obviously, most of the prohibited foods are those especially rich in fats. It is usual that the main foods that are eliminated from the diet, or that at least indicate that they are consumed in a timely manner, are those of animal origin (due to their high fat content). They are the following:

    • Fat meats and sausages: cooked ham, serrano ham, bacon, chorizo, salami, sausages ... Duck meat, processed and not homemade burgers.
    • Fish: canned in oil.
    • Viscera: liver, kidneys, heart, brains ...
    • Seafood: prawns, oysters, prawns and shrimp.
    • Yolk: it is rich in fat and calories. It is advisable to reduce your intake.
    • Whole Dairy: mostly cream and milk cream, in addition to whole milk. As well hard cheeses Y Butters.
    • Sweets and pastries.
    • Salty snacks.
    • Fried foods.
    • Fat sauces.
    • Oils: coconut and palm oil.

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