Protect the face from the cold

There are many care for winter that, in one way or another, we must take into account when we are in the fall, especially because it is a time when it begins to do something more cold and the bad weather begins to make an appearance.

For example, it is extremely appropriate to know how increase defenses, especially because at this time of year, especially with the change of season, the immune system of many people tends to weaken, due to the reduction of hours of light and the hormonal changes that occur.

But, in addition to health, there is also a part of our body that tends more to suffer the ravages of time: the skin, and particularly our face.

That is why it is extremely appropriate in what way we can protect the face from the cold. In any case, do not forget to know when is the beginning of winter.

How to protect the face from the cold

It is common for many people tend to think that, during the colder months of the year, as the sun is not so present due to especially bad weather, the skin does not need care.

But this is a mistake that can cause some havoc on the skin of many people, especially in the face.

Factors such as wind, cold, or directly sudden changes in temperature tend to be great enemies of the skin, particularly the stratum corneum. ThemesWinter Fur

How to protect skin in winter? (November 2023)