Pumpkin seed oil: benefits and properties

The oil of pumpkin is that which is obtained from its seeds, characterized by its wonderful dark green color, a characteristic that constitutes a clear sample of its high chlorophyll content. Of course, the best is that of first cold pressure, which has not been refined.

Both for the kitchen and from a medicinal and therapeutic point of view, the truth is that pumpkin seed oil (also known simply as pumpkin oil) is very appreciated, precisely because of its different nutritional qualities and health .

In fact, as we already mentioned in our note dedicated to pumpkin oil for the prostate, it becomes an interesting oil of vegetable origin to care for and protect the prostate, to inhibit the formation of cancer cells, and reduce the enlargement of the prostate.

Benefits of pumpkin seed oil

From a nutritional point of view, pumpkin seed oil is extremely rich in proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic (omega 3) and oleic (omega 9), as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals.

As we see, the nutritional richness of this vegetable oil is more than evident. Therefore, due to its mineral content, it is an adequate remedy in demineralization processes, or problems of fragile nails and hair loss.

It is also interesting when it comes to expelling intestinal parasites (such as solitary parasites), while its high fiber content helps to improve constipation and colitis.

Due to its content in zinc and potassium, we can not forget its diuretic effect, being positive at the same time when improving the good functioning of the kidneys.

Nutritional information of pumpkin oil

    • 40% protein
    • 5% carbohydrates.
    • 40% unsaturated fatty acids.
    • 20% fiber
    • Vitamins: vitamin D, E and vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3 and B6).
    • Minerals: manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and copper.
    • Others: cucurbitacin and phytosterols.

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