Rúcula: properties and benefits

The arugula is a plant that belongs to the family of Brassicaceae, which grows in a large part of Europe in the wild, and is characterized by its striking intense green color.

In addition to its color it stands out for being a small plant. Characteristics are its leaves, elongated and serrated that easily differentiate it from other culinary plants.

Its flavor, sometimes spicy (being of the mustard family), turns it into a plant that in the kitchen is extremely used for the preparation of delicious recipes, especially in Italy, where it tends to be widely used for the preparation of salads with tomato and mozzarella.

If you want to plant it at home to enjoy it more easily, just plant it in flower boxes and pots and give it once a week. You will see how quickly it grows quickly.

Benefits of arugula

In the kitchen, the rocket leaves, which provide a different flavor to the recipes that accompany, especially in delicious fresh salads based on tomatoes and other vegetables (such as celery).

Precisely in its leaves we find most of the properties of arugulabeing rich in carotenes and in turn contribute compounds such as zeaxanthin (a yellowish pigment that protects the human retina from ultraviolet radiation) and the lutein (yellowish pigment with antioxidant effect, which takes care of the external part of the retina).

Thus the arugula is an ideal food to reinforce the health of the eyes, as well as for prevent cataracts. It is basically an ideal plant for take care of the health of both the eyes and the eyes.

Likewise, its antioxidant content make it an interesting plant in cancer prevention, especially in the Prevention of colon cancer, thanks to the indoles containing.

Contribute calcium, which also helps in the protection and growth of bones.

Nutritional benefits of arugula


25 kcal.


2.95 g.


0.15 g.

Total fat

0.15 g.


1.55 g.



Vitamin A

3,500 IU.


0.16 mg.

Vitamin C

2.3 mg.


190 mg.



165 mg.


215 mcg


15 mg.

Lutein / Zeaxanthin

535 mcg


1,65 mg.

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