Recipe Bartolillos and Mona de Pascua, typical Easter sweets

The bartolillos they are typical sweets of the Madrileña pastry and they are traditional in Holy Week. These sweets are made with puff pastry and filled with pastry cream. In addition to Madrid, the bartolillos are also prepared in other provinces and even with different fillings, such as chocolate and cream.

At the moment of serving, they are sprinkled with icing sugar, or with granulated sugar, and accompanied by a light sugar syrup or a syrup flavored with some liquor.

The puff pastry used to prepare the bartolillos is the same as that used to make dumplings. The puff pastry is given a triangular shape or other shapes such as a cone or cone, in the form of canes or tubes.

They also highlight the Easter Monas, a traditional sweet that is elaborated mainly in Catalonia, and that also stands out for being part of the traditional pastry of the Holy Week.

Recipe of bartolillos

Ingredients for bartolillos:

  • Puff pastry dough sheets.
  • Sunflower oil or extra virgin olive oil with a mild flavor.
  • Icing sugar to sprinkle or granulated white sugar.

Ingredients for the pastry cream:

  • Half a liter of whole milk or skimmed milk
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 45 grams of cornstarch
  • 4 tablespoons of cold mineral water.
  • 160 grams of white sugar.
  • The skin of a lemon.
  • Vanilla essence, a few droplets.

Creation of the pastry cream:

We put the milk to the fire to heat in a heater with the skin of the lemon.

Put the cornstarch in a bowl and let it dissolve with the water, add the well beaten egg yolks and stir to mix well.

Once the milk starts to boil, extract the lemon peel, add the sugar, the vanilla essence droplets, stir and add it to the mixture before the yolks.

We put everything together to cook stirring without stopping and once it starts to boil we separate it from the fire.

We let the pastry cream cool and we reserve it to make the bartolillos.

Elaboration of the bartolillos:

We extend the puff pastry well with the help of a rolling pin.

To shape the bartolillos we will help with a mold in a triangular shape.

We make the triangles, take one of the triangles and put a spoonful of pastry cream in the center then put another triangle on top and close the sides sealing them well pressing with the teeth of a fork so that frying does not leave the pastry cream.

Repeat the same until you have all the bartolillos ready to fry.

In a frying pan put the oil on the fire to heat with medium heat, and once it is hot we fry the bartolillos by browning them on both sides.

Prepare a plate or tray with absorbent paper to put on the bartolillos and drain the oil.

We let the bartolillos cool and when we present them, sprinkle them with icing sugar.

Mona de Pascua: traditional recipe

Mona de Pascua is a typical dessert in the regions of Catalonia, Valencia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands. It is a traditional sweet at Easter and the tradition of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands is to prepare and taste it on Easter Monday.

The Easter Monkey keeps a tradition and is that godparents give their godchildren this sweet on Easter Sunday and the next day Easter Monday the family meets and spend a field day to taste together the Mona de Pascua.

The dough with which this sweet is made is a dough like the one used to make the roscón de Reyes, it is given various shapes and then decorated with eggs that can be chocolate or eggs cooked and painted in various colors. In the regions of Murcia and Aragon the monas are made throughout the year.

The recipe to prepare the Mona de Pascua is very easy and if we have children at home we can spend a fun afternoon with them preparing an Easter Monkey.


  • 500 grams of wheat flour.
  • 250 ml. of whole milk or skimmed milk.
  • 25 grams of dry yeast.
  • 3 eggs.
  • 85 grams of white sugar.
  • 100 grams of unsalted butter
  • A pinch of salt.
  • 4 tablespoons of orange blossom water.
  • The scratch of an orange peel.

Ingredients for decoration:

  • An egg yolk to shine the monkey.
  • Chocolate eggs or boiled eggs painted with food coloring.
  • Colorful noodles, chocolate, aniseed balls or sugar pearls.


Sift the flour, put it in a bowl and add the yeast, the orange blossom water, the grated skin of the orange, and mix well.

Beat eggs well, add sugar, melted butter, salt and stir again.

Knead until the dough has a compact texture, and we form a ball.

Moisten a cloth with water to wrap the dough and reserve in the refrigerator for about 5 hours to rest and increase in size.

We extract the mass of the refrigerator, we extend it and we are forming the Mona, in the way that we like, in the form of a rosco, braided, in the shape of an animal.

Brush the monkey with a beaten egg and put the colored noodles, balls or aniseed pearls or any other adornment that we have chosen to decorate it.

On the baking tray we place baking paper to cook the Mona.

Preheat the oven with a temperature of 200 º C for 15 minutes.

Cook the Mona with a temperature of 120 º C for about 40 minutes.

We extract the Mona from the oven and let it cool.

Once cold we complete the decoration with chocolate eggs or painted boiled eggs. ThemesEaster Recipes

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