Recipe of pancakes with wild asparagus

If you are passionate about crepes or Crepes It is quite likely that you have already tasted sweets, whether accompanied by hot chocolate on top, a popular chocolate cream such as Nutella or Nutella, or even with fruit jam and some ice cream scoops.

But have you tasted them salty? These are undoubtedly healthier options, as they are generally low fat options and much more natural. An example are the vegetable crepes about which recipe we talked to you on a previous occasion, and that we made with chives, sesame, green beans, carrots, red pepper, leeks, sesame and olive oil.

If you dared to prepare them at home and you liked them this time we want to go a little further, and learn how to make delicious ones pancakes with wild asparagus. As you surely know, the wild asparagus They are asparagus that differ from the whites in their texture (something more robust), in their color (greenish) and in their flavor. But why these differences? Basically we find them in that the white asparagus are picked when the asparagus has not yet come to light, while the green asparagus are not the root in itself, but the germinated plant to which it has given sunlight.

On its benefits, the truth is that Both white asparagus and wild asparagus act in the same way in the organism. That is, they are ideal for cleaning and purifying the blood, are useful to detoxify our body and are unique to combat fluid retention. In addition, they are suitable to strengthen and strengthen both our mind and our nervous system, while their richness in fiber helps reduce or prevent constipation.

How to make asparagus pancakes easily

To prepare this recipe, we will first have to prepare the dough and have previously cooked the crepes to then add the filling. The crepes we can easily make them at home with the traditional recipe or resort to crepes for crepes that are already made and that we can get in supermarkets. If you prefer to elaborate homemade crepes then we provide the recipe.

How to prepare the crepes in the first place

To make the pancake dough we will need the following ingredients:

  • 100 gr. of simple wheat flour.
  • Half a liter of cold milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 tablespoons of butter.
  • A teaspoon of sugar.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Olive oil (optional to grease the pan if you prefer butter).


We put the eggs in a bowl or bowl and beat them well with the help of the blender.

Add a little salt and sugar and stir.

Little by little we add the flour without stopping to stir.

Then add the milk and beat until we notice that the cream has thickened.

We reserve the crepe cream in the fridge to rest for approximately 30 minutes.

Put in a pan to heat and add a tablespoon of butter to grease the pan.

With the help of a ladle we put a little cream in the pan.

We pray first one side and then the other.

Remove the dough from the pan and continue until the cream is finished.

We are depositing the creps on a plate and then fill them.

How to prepare the filling of wild asparagus for crepes

Ingredients you need:

  • Crepes already made.
  • A small leek or half a large leek.
  • Some water.
  • A handful of watercress.
  • A bunch of wild asparagus or white asparagus already made.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • A spoonful of sweet mustard.
  • 75 ml. of mayonnaise
  • A pinch of coarse salt.


As we have indicated in the list of ingredients this recipe can also be made with white asparagus.

We wash the green asparagus well and cut them in half, reserving the tips.

In a cauldron with a little water we put the stems to cook and when they are tender, remove from the fire, drain and cut the stems into small pieces.

We wash the leek and cut it into pieces.

We put in a pan a little dish of olive oil to sauté the leek with low heat.

While the leek is being made, we wash the watercress, drain it and chop it in a small way.

In a bowl we put the pieces of asparagus, the cooked leeks, the watercress and add the mayonnaise, the mustard, a pinch of ground black pepper and the little bit of salt.

We remove everything to mix and with this mixture we are filling the creps.

In each crepe we will also distribute the tips of asparagus that we had reserved. ThemesCrepes recipes

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