Recipes of delicious desserts with papaya

On many occasions we have reported about the papaya, a fruit very nutritious, sweet, exotic and that stands out above all for being very digestive.

This digestive property that papaya gives us is because of its content in the enzyme called papain which helps us especially to digest the proteins of fish and meat and in general of all foods.

Papaya is a fruit that we can see during most of the year in the market. Its flavor, when it is ripe, is usually sweet, although it is true that sometimes it can leave us with less sweetness, but with a little sugar on top, we will achieve that sweet touch, especially if we are going to use it for the preparation of delicious desserts. It is also very rich with orange juice on top or with orange gajitos.

To choose a good papaya at the time of purchase we will look at its appearance, it should have orange color evenly, if the color orange is not uniform and it is also yellowish it may not be ripe yet.

We will let it ripen before consuming it, to know if it is ripe, we will touch its skin making a minimum of pressure, if we notice that it is tender it will be mature.

The ripe papaya should be kept in the fridge and once it leaves, if there is papaya left over too.

The papaya can be eaten as fresh fruit, in smoothies, or also elaborate delicious desserts with papaya like the ones we provide below.

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Papaya cream with yogurt

Healthy dessert, with the touch that gives the creaminess of papaya and yogurt.


  • A ripe papaya
  • Some balls of papaya, or a few cubes of papaya to decorate.
  • A few drops of lemon juice.
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • A creamy natural yogurt
  • A few leaves of mint to decorate


  1. Peel the papaya, cut it in half and remove the seeds. We reserved a piece of papaya to take some balls to decorate the dessert. The rest of the papaya we cut into squares and put it in the glass of the blender.
  2. Add a few drops of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and mash well until it stays with creamy consistency.
  3. To get the papaya balls we will need a teaspoon that we will insert into the pulp of the papaya and we will take out small balls.
  4. If we do not have a teaspoon, we can also cut a few cubes of papaya and put them on top of the papaya cream to decorate the dessert.
  5. We mount the dessert by layers in a glass or any other container that we have for desserts.
  6. Put first a layer of papaya cream, another of yogurt, another of papaya cream, another of yogurt and on top of the yogurt layer we put the papaya balls or the papaya dice. To finish we decorate the dessert with some leaves of mint.

To finish, we store the dessert for one hour in the fridge to serve cold.

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Papaya jelly

Simple dessert to make like other fruit gelatins, nutritious, digestive and at the same time cool.


  • A ripe and grand papaya.
  • 2 sheets of gelatin to hydrate.
  • A spoonful of sugar.
  • A few leaves of mint to decorate.


  1. We put the sheets of gelatine to hydrate in a dish with a little water to cover them.
  2. We remove the skin from the papaya, cut it in half and also remove the seeds.
  3. Cut the papaya into pieces and put it in the blender with the sugar, beat until puree.
  4. Drain the gelatin sheets well and add them to the papaya puree.
  5. We remove to integrate well the gelatin.
  6. We are distributing the papaya puree in glasses or dessert containers.
  7. Introduce in the refrigerator to cool, at least 2 hours or until you acquire the point of gelatin.
  8. We serve gelatins very fresh, and decorated with a few leaves of mint.

Papaya mousse

This papaya mousse is a creamy dessert, delicious and light at the same time We can even make it lighter by replacing the Greek yogurt with a sweetened natural yogurt and the white sugar with brown or whole sugar.


  • A large ripe papaya.
  • A tablespoon of sugar.
  • 2 tablespoons of neutral powdered gelatin.
  • A Greek yogurt or sweetened natural yogurt.
  • 100 ml. of water.


  1. We start by removing the papaya skin, we cut it in half and remove the seeds.
  2. Cut the papaya into pieces, put it in the crusher or blender with the sugar spoon and crush it until it is pureed.
  3. We add the yogurt to the puree, we beat again and reserve.
  4. In a heater put the water to heat and when it starts to boil add the gelatin to dilute it well in the water.
  5. When it is well diluted add it to the papaya puree.
  6. We stir well to integrate the gelatin into the papaya puree.
  7. We pour the papaya puree into glasses or dessert glasses and put them in the fridge to cool at least two hours, so that the mousse is taking consistency.

We can serve the papaya mousse with small cubes of papaya or orange gajitos.

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