Recommendations to prevent digestion cut

When we talk about digestion cut, the truth is that what we really need to refer to is referred to as "immersion reflex", consisting of a peripheral shock due to difficulties in the vasculation, which appears when our body suddenly changes temperature (from heat to cold or very cold) to get quickly into the water (regardless of whether it is in the pool or on the beach, since we can also suffer this reflection in the shower at home).

That is why it is really common for a digestion cut when bathing after eating; but we must not be confused: the process of digestion continues its course as it can last up to four hours, so that theory is not true that indicates that we must wait a minimum of two hours to get into the water after having Eaten.

As many doctors say and believe, It is essential that since the first symptom appears we must get out of the water, to avoid that we lose consciousness when we are inside and we can run the risk of drowning by immersion.

His symptoms in this sense are clear: headache, dizziness, nausea and fading; although in more serious cases cardiac arrest can occur.

How to prevent digestion cutting

The recommendation at the time of prevent cutting digestion It is as simple as it is simple: avoid getting into the water suddenly and quickly even if we have not eaten before, always doing it little by little.

For this, it is essential to wet each part of the body very slowly. In this way we will get our body to get used to the cold temperature of the water.

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