Recommended daily amount of olive oil

The one named as Mediterranean diet It becomes a clear example of how a balanced diet should be, especially because it includes a whole set of healthy foods that only bring benefits, properties and nutritional virtues to our body.

Not in vain, among the most outstanding foods or food groups that we can find include vegetables and fruits, fish, legumes and healthy fats (as the maximum representative of this group we find the olive oil).

Precisely, in what refers to the main properties of olive oil, it stands out because it is a healthy oil especially rich in Vitamin E (thus becoming a powerful antioxidant) and oleic acid (Useful for reducing high cholesterol levels). Not in vain, if 73% are monounsaturated fatty acids, it has 13.3% saturated acids and 8.3% polyunsaturated acids.

And among its most interesting nutritional benefits is its usefulness in case of constipation and fatty liver, especially when you take a spoonful of olive oil fasting every morning.

Although we should not forget about the calories from olive oil, since it is a considerably catholic oil. In fact, 10 grams of olive oil (about one tablespoon) provide about 90 calories.

Hence, it is interesting to discover what is the recommended daily amount of olive oil to enjoy its important nutritional benefits, but without "abuse".

How much olive oil do you take each day?

Forgetting one side of its high caloric content, it is essential to look at its high content of healthy fats and the nutritional benefits it brings to our body to realize that it is highly recommended take every day olive oil.

Once it was common for our grandmothers or great grandmothers to drink half a glass of olive oil on an empty stomach every morning.

However, It is advisable to take three tablespoons a day of olive oil, which amounts to about 50 grams of olive oil. Yes, It is essential that at least one of these scoops be taken on an empty stomach.

It is advisable not to take more than this amount, and redistribute it throughout the meals, since if for example we make a salad or cooked vegetables and add olive oil, we must take it into account so as not to exceed in its consumption, since taking more than the recommended amount can lead to cardiovascular problems and weight gain.

So, taking 3 tablespoons a day we will be benefiting from its main nutritional virtues, helping us to improve the control of diabetes and high blood pressure, to prevent certain cancers (such as breast or colon), and to improve our cardiovascular health.

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