Remedy of cooked apple to cure the stomach

There are many diseases and digestive disorders which most often affect our digestive system. Many of them are temporary and with the appropriate treatment they are cured, while others can become chronic and produce painful and annoying symptoms every so often. Within the first ones we find the stomach flu, which consists of a swelling of the intestine caused by a virus or by bacteria. Within the second ones we find the gastritis, which is characterized by irritation of the gastric mucosa (which, yes, can be both acute and chronic). There is a type of gastritis that arises as a result of periods of stress, anxiety and nervousness, and that is medically known by the name of emotional gastritis.

In this type of diseases and conditions the stomach is resentful, so that a recommended treatment option is to follow a diet suitable for delicate stomachs, that is only composed of foods that help protect it and that, above all, do not overload it. Within these foods we can mention: raw or cooked carrots, boiled rice, boiled or baked fish, low-fat liquid yogurt, toast or roasted or boiled potatoes. They also include some fruits, such as cooked pear or cooked apple.

Benefits of the cooked apple to cure the stomach

When we need cure the stomach an extremely useful option, at the same time delicious, is to opt for make cooked applesbecause it has the ability to inflammation of the stomach, so it is especially recommended in case of gastritis and gastroenteritis., thanks to its pectin content. Due to its fiber content, it is interesting in case of colitis, and for the same reason also for gastroenteritis.

The cooked apple acts as an antidiarrheal remedy, so that helps when it comes to reduce too abundant and soft defecation, being adequate to combat diarrhea.

It is also very rich in sorbitol, a very beneficial substance when it comes to treating intestinal problems. In addition, its content in pectins helps regulate the intestines in a completely natural way.

How to make the cooked apple to cure the stomach?

You have two simple options to make the apple cooked when you have a sick, overloaded or painful stomach. You can choose the one you like most:

1. Baked apple

You can read more about this recipe in our special note on How to make baked apple for gastritis.

You basically need 3 apples. First wash them very well. Put the oven at 160ÂșC of temperature. Place baking paper in the tray. Once the apples are washed, place them on the tray and cook them in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes, watching them to avoid burning.

2. Apple cooked on the fire

To make this remedy you need 2 to 3 apples. Wash them thoroughly and cut them into pieces. Add them to a saucepan and put them on the fire adding a little water. Remove them from time to time and when you see that they are somewhat soft, scan them a bit with the help of a fork or a wooden spoon.

They will be ready when the apples are cooked and soft, and you can easily slice them into a kind of puree.

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