Remedy of garlic, onion and honey to cure flu and colds

Whenever the autumn begins it is usually very common that, with the change of season and particularly the decrease of the hours of light and also of much lower temperatures, our defenses suffer and therefore our immune system tends to weaken. It is common to feel apathetic, weak, with little humor and also with very little energy. Although this series of symptoms is popularly known by the name of autumnal asthenia, it is true that a decrease in our defenses results in our body being more prone to catching flu and colds.

A useful natural solution to prevent colds is strengthen our immune system even months before the autumn begins, and that both the drop in temperatures and the decrease in daylight hours are much clearer. How? Fundamentally following a lifestyle as healthy as possible, based on the consumption of many fresh fruits and vegetables (which provide essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the immune system), practicing physical exercise on a regular basis and avoiding unhealthy habits such as for example the case of tobacco and alcohol.

As regards the foods to be consumed on a regular basis, 3 stand out, which will be part of the natural remedy that we want to talk about on this occasion: Garlic, the onion and the honey, three powerful all-natural foods, ideal for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu due to their incredible healing and medicinal qualities.

Benefits of garlic, onions and honey for colds and flu

Garlic, a powerful antiviral and antibacterial

Garlic is probably one of the most powerful foods that exist not only from a nutritional point of view, but also because of its great ability to stimulate our defenses and protect against external aggressions of viruses and bacteria. Therefore not only is it useful in case of a cold, but also its regular consumption is adequate in case of any other respiratory disease, as for example it can be the case of bronchitis.

It acts as an extremely powerful natural antibiotic, which combines its anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antiseptic and vasodilator qualities.

It contains allicin and more than 20 compounds with antiviral action, a compound able to fight the symptoms of flu and the cold thanks to its antiviral and bactericidal qualities. And not only fight, but they are interesting for the prevention of cold viruses (obviously, when the consumption of garlic is regular in our diet).

It is also rich in vitamin C, which helps reduce the duration and symptoms of the cold, and zinc, a component capable of reducing the most annoying symptoms.

Onion, powerful expectorant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

If you ever got bad as a child, it's possible that your mother or grandmother cut an onion into four pieces and put it near your bed while you were sleeping. Indeed, we are faced with a very popular traditional remedy at the same time that accurate, given that the onion exerts an anti-inflammatory action capable of relieving nasal congestion characteristic of flu and colds.

Besides, his antibacterial effect It helps in a very positive way when it comes to combating a very wide variety of infectious diseases in a totally natural way. On the other hand, as with garlic, it also becomes a powerful natural remedy against colds and flu antibiotic qualities.

Honey, interesting antiviral antioxidant effect

The honey It is considered a superfood for its incredible nutritional and medicinal qualities. For example, from a nutritional point of view, it provides vitamins (A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6) and minerals (copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, manganese, sodium and iodine), highlighting at the same time as an energetic food due to its high content of sugars.

Help to relieve irritated membranes in the back of the throat becoming a traditional remedy useful in case of throat infection (which usually occurs with pain), to relieve discomfort and be an excellent relief for cough.

It also stands out for its Antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities, two unique qualities that make it a useful food against colds and flu.

Remedy of garlic, onion and honey to cure the flu and the cold

To make this wonderful home remedy you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 onion
  • 1 cup of honey

And, finally, to prepare it you must follow the steps that we indicate below:

First cut the onion into several pieces and then crush it very finely. Peel the cloves of garlic and do the same procedure as with the onion. Put the cloves of garlic and onion in a glass container that you can close hermetically, and add the honey.Cover and let stand for 15 hours.

After these hours you will have your remedy ready. To consume it, you only have to take 4 to 5 tablespoons of this remedy a day, until the symptoms diminish little by little. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesFlu

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