Rice at its point: how to get it according to the type of rice

The rice it has become over the millennia one of the basic pillars of any gastronomy throughout the five continents of the planet. In fact, it is the second most consumed cereal surpassed only by corn.

This is because it is a food with a considerable caloric contribution while at the same time its cultivation, processing and preparation is hardly expensive to carry out. Japan is undoubtedly the place where most rice is consumed and this is demonstrated by the more than 90 million tons produced in just one year.

But what are the real benefits of rice? Surely many will ask. Well, let's go in parts. First, it is a cereal that is free of bad cholesterol because it has no unsaturated fats and therefore is most beneficial for all those who have high cholesterol or suffer from hypertension.

For its part, rice is also very rich in vitamin C along with other minerals such as iron, thiamine or riboflavin that together strengthen our entire immune system and promote a correct metabolism of all the nutrients we eat. Finally, it should also be noted that rice is beneficial to our skin due to its phenolic compounds and even prevents other diseases such as Alzheimer's.

The rice should be part of a healthy and balanced diet

Surely after reading this, you have realized the importance of consume rice to achieve a healthier and more balanced diet. In fact, over the years it has also become one of the basic pillars of the Mediterranean diet, especially if you take completely boiled and without any sauce.

All without saying that this cereal can also become a powerful ally to take care of our line and say goodbye to those extra kilos. Especially if we take it holistically where its high fiber content will also help us reduce cholesterol levels and those annoying intestinal calculations in the form of diarrhea or constipation.

If all this is accompanied by a large amount of vegetables, a moderate consumption of meat and fish along with a little daily exercise and constant, you can be sure that your health will be eternally grateful.

How can we get the rice at its point? According to the type of rice

However, there are many people who are quite lost when cooking rice. Many times they are passing, thus perverting its flavor and part of its most important properties. Is this your case?

Well do not worry because through the following lines we will give you a series of tips that will be very useful and that will be divided according to the type of rice you are going to consume:

  • Long rice It is without doubt one of the most widespread. It is recommended that you should cook with twice as much water. So if we are going to cook a cup of rice, we will have to add two of water. The cooking time must not exceed 12 minutes.
  • Round rice. It is recommended first of all to sauté the rice a little before cooking it. Once this is done, two and a half cups of water should be added for each one of rice. The cooking time should be 15 minutes.
  • Integral rice. As we have already mentioned in the previous article, this type of rice is one of the healthiest options. Although it is somewhat more complex to prepare. You will need four cups of water for one of rice and then cook everything for about 40 minutes.
  • Basmati rice. Another of the basic pillars of Asian cuisine. Its preparation will be the same as long rice and therefore you will need two cups of water for each rice. And your cooking process should not exceed 12 minutes.
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