Risks of the electronic cigarette, benefits and how to use it

After one month after the approval of the new Anti-tobacco law, many people decided to acquire the so-called electronic cigarette as a method when it comes to give up smoking.

In fact, this method just a few weeks ago has become a supposedly effective remedy to stop smoking, as we told you in our special in which we talked about the electric cigarette to quit tobacco.

However, it seems that the electronic cigarette It's not as healthy as you could actually expect. Even many experts doubt its presumed effectiveness when quitting smoking.

And is that according to a study by the American Medicines Agency, it seems that carcinogens (such as anabasine, di-ethylene-glycol, nitrosamines and beta-tyrina) have been found in the analyzes performed on this type of device.

What is cigar or electronic tobacco?

The one called as electronic cigarette it consists of a digital product that helps the smoker stop smoking, since it is based on the fact that, when the person takes a puff, what inspires and aspires is not smoke, but water vapor.

To do this, the product comes with a series of filters that, generally, are usually nicotine and peppermint, and has the particularity that, when the battery of the electronic cigarette, this can be recharged comfortably through the USB connection of the computer.

The filters are also spent, but then they can be purchased at herbalist stores and parapharmacies.

What are the benefits of electronic cigarettes when quitting smoking?

There is no doubt that there are many Benefits for quitting the electric cigarette, since it mainly has the benefit that what the smoker inspires is water vapor and not the typical tobacco smoke.

In addition, it contains the following advantages:

  • The smoker inspires and sucks water vapor, so that its content does not affect the health of the smoker or the people around him.
  • Helps to quit smoking because it complies with the psychological conditioning that the smoker has already acquired, since in addition to having a cigar in your hand (in this case, an electric cigarette), it inspires and sucks the smoking vapor, so that when you have this product in your hands you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day .
  • The smoker tends to smoke less cigarettes every day.
  • Water vapor, and filters in general, do not have the toxic substances that a cigar contains.

Risks of the electronic cigarette for health

Although the sales of devices called electronic cigarettes have increased surprisingly in recent weeks, as an effective technique or method to stop smoking, the fact is that many experts doubt their effectiveness.

Even more and more there tends to be a greater number of specialists who assure that, far from helping to quit tobacco, what it does is make it harder to abandon this habit by perpetuating the hand-mouth ritual, very common when tobacco is consumed.

If we add to this lack of effectiveness that several studies have found carcinogenic substances in this device, and that its sale is prohibited in countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany or Switzerland, there is no doubt that many are the risks of the electronic cigarette for health.

Meanwhile, and although the WHO does not allow advertising in which the electronic cigarette is sold as an anti-tobacco treatment, it is essential that randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials be conducted to determine whether or not it is effective.

Where can we buy it?

The electric cigarette can now be bought in herbalists, parapharmacies and in large hypermarkets.

It is usually sold together with a little case that contains: an electric cigarette that can be recharged by means of the USB connection of the computer, two filters (one of nicotine and one of mint) and a USB connection accessory.

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