Rosemary honey: benefits and properties

At present, and since many years ago, it is possible to enjoy a very great diversity of honey as natural as they are wonderful, not only in terms of their delicious and delicate flavor but also for their different healing and medicinal qualities. As you surely know, honey is the food produced by bees based on the nectar that they extract from flowers. For this, the process of elaboration takes place inside the organism of the bee, in which the nectar is condensed by means of the action of mixing the product and certain ferments.

When this honey is removed from the honeycombs by man it tends to be a fluid and viscous natural product. But then, with the passage of time, it tends to compact and acquire a somewhat lighter tone. Precisely, when the honey crystallizes is an indication of its purity.

What is rosemary honey?

The one known as rosemary honey it is the honey produced by the bees when they leap from the rosemary flowers. This is a very aromatic shrub, woody and evergreen, which can reach 2 meters in height. It presents small and abundant leaves, with a linear shape and a characteristic dark green color whose underside is whitish, showing in turn a characteristic hairiness.

Rosemary honey has a thick texture and has a color reminiscent of amber. Of course, when your texture crystallizes it becomes much harder, and its color turns white. Precisely to modify its texture and make it more liquid we can choose to follow the same steps that we would follow with any other type of honey: heat the water bath, without reaching 40 ºC of temperature.

Benefits of rosemary honey

Excellent digestive

Rosemary honey becomes a wonderful digestive, so that taking one or two tablespoons of rosemary honey after a meal is very useful in case of indigestion, heavy digestion, gas and heartburn.

To increase your digestive qualities you can make a digestive infusion and sweeten with a teaspoon of rosemary honey.

Balsamic, antiseptic and pectoral properties

Rosemary honey is an ideal natural product in case of respiratory diseases, thanks to its pectoral, antiseptic and balsamic qualities. Therefore, it is very interesting as a traditional remedy in case of colds, coughs, bronchitis, colds and colds.

To increase its antiseptic and balsamic benefits it can be interesting to make an eucalyptus infusion, or to drink a cup of hot vegetable milk, both sweetened with a spoonful of rosemary honey.

Beneficial to the mind

Rosemary honey is a very rich food in lithium. Lithium is a very common chemical element in medicines and drugs used in the treatment of different mental disorders, such as, for example, manic depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and bipolar disorder.

In addition, it is very beneficial when it comes to improving memory, and alleviating senile dementia states.

Wonderful antiseptic and healing of the skin

Rosemary honey is an ideal natural food in the external treatment of various skin conditions and problems. Thus, for example, it provides antiseptic, healing and vulnerary properties. Hence, it is ideal when it comes to relieving cuts, small wounds and scratches.

It also stands out for its anti-inflammatory qualities, so it is useful in case of osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatism.

If you want to enjoy this quality, you should put a little honey rosemary in the affected area.

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