Ruda: incredible benefits and properties

The rue It is a plant with benefits and medicinal properties, known scientifically with the name of Route graveolens, and belonging to the family Rutaceae. Its collection is done mainly during the summer months, but just before its flowers open and it dries in the shade.

With regard to the pharmacological action of rue is a medicinal plant with emenagogos, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, stimulant, antitussive and bitter tonic effects.

Benefits of the rue

Medicinally its leaves are used mainly, so that to enjoy the main ones properties of rue you must make a wonderful infusion of rue.

Before starting to talk about the main properties of rue, it is advisable to keep in mind that its administration is not recommended in pregnancy, due to its abortive effect.

At times not related to pregnancy, the rude can become a "friend" of the woman, given that is able to regulate menstruation, favoring its appearance.

It also provides an interesting antispasmodic effect, so it is capable of relax the digestive system, helping soothe spasmodic bowel pains.

It is also interesting within the home remedies for cough, thanks to the fact that it exerts the same effect on the respiratory system, helping calm the cough.

It is not recommended in people with hypotension, since produces a drop in blood pressure.

What is the use of rue

Emenagogue effect for menstruation

Thanks to your emenagogo effect, the infusion of rue may be interesting at the time of increase and regulate menstruation, thus becoming a good remedy in case of little menstruation, or when it is deficient.

This effect works by increasing the blood production in the area of ​​the uterus and pelvis, stimulating this area and therefore inducing the increase of menstruation.

Because of this effect its consumption is not advised in case of pregnancy, due to its abortive effect.

Antispasmodic effect for the digestive system

Rue also stands out for its antispasmodic effect, acting as a muscle relaxant of the digestive system, avoiding spasms and contractions of the digestive system and intestines.

Interesting antitussive effect in case of cough

Another of the most interesting effects of the ruda comes from the hand of its antitussive action, which makes it an interesting plant when it comes to developing home remedies for cough, helping to calm it, acting above all on the central nervous system or peripheral, suppressing the cough reflex.

It is especially recommended in the natural treatment of dry, irritative, non-productive cough, which is contraindicated, therefore, in case of a productive cough.

Medicinal uses of rue

A common option when it comes to enjoying its different medicinal benefits is from the infusion of rue, using dry rue grass.

  • Beneficial for menstruation: the infusion of rue may be interesting when it comes to regulating menstruation, since it is capable of favoring its appearance. Of course, its use is not recommended in pregnancy, due to its abortive effect.
  • Beneficial for the digestive system: thanks to its antispasmodic effect it is an herb that helps to relax the digestive system, reducing the spasmodic pains of the intestine.
  • Cough painkiller: this plant becomes an interesting ingredient when it comes to making home remedies for cough, helping to calm and relax the respiratory system.

Taking into account the different medical uses of the graveolens route that we have indicated in the previous lines, it is not advisable in case of pregnancy or in case of hypotension.

Contraindications of the rue

Once we have analyzed the different benefits for which rude serves medicinally, we must take into account why does not the rue serve? (that is, its different contraindications in which its consumption is not recommended, even in minimal doses):

  • Pregnancy: precisely because of its emenagogo effect, it is a plant with an abortive effect, its administration is not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Hypotension: when lowering blood pressure, its use or administration is not advised in case of hypotension.
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LA RUDA: increíbles propiedades y descripción detallada. (July 2024)