Salt and the health of the eyes

Although one of the main enemies of both the own view itself as the eye care in particular it is the passage of time, and particularly old age, also the food that we follow throughout our lives can harm them a lot negatively.

There is no doubt that following a healthy food, based on the consumption of both healthy food like antioxidant-rich foods is always one of the best habits when it comes to take care of our vision, and the health of our eyes.

In this sense, just like abuse sugar It becomes a habit harmful to our eyes, abuse salt It is also another harmful habit for the correct health of our vision.

Abusing salt and eyes

It is known that Salt, consumed in excess, tends to produce an increase in blood pressure, which may lead to the onset of hypertension.

When that hypertension tends to extend over time, especially because there are no determining symptoms that help in its diagnosis, the truth is that it damages eye health.

We must not forget that this ocular health depends on a correct and good blood circulation. So excessive consumption of salt will only become a great enemy to our vision.

If you do not know how to eliminate salt from your diet little by little, it is essential that you keep in mind the high sodium content of the products you buy, especially if they are snacks or salty products.

At the time of cooking, a good option is to change the salt aromatic herbs, which in addition to aroma and flavor to your meals provide benefits and properties, virtues that by the way, would not provide salt.

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