Salt of the Himalayas: what it is and benefits of the pink salt

The salt of the Himalayas It is a type of mineral salt that comes from the mountains of Pakistan. In recent years it has become especially popular in Europe and the United States for its great properties and health benefits.

Salt of this type comes from the Khewra mine in Jhelum district, the second largest in the world. It is very showy when presented in small pink crystals. Thus, it is milled to be consumed.

Common Salt VS Salt of the Himalayas

Common table salt is treated chemically; it is purified to the maximum in order to convert it into sodium chloride. With refined salt the exact same thing happens as it inflames and alters the function of a large selection of organs.

One of the most common alternatives to table salt is sea salt; However, this is currently a problem because the seas and oceans have a large amount of toxic petroleum products.

Thus, the salt of the Himalayas is presented as the most natural and pure alternative when consuming this food. This type of salt is widely used in the kitchen and also as a home remedy to treat certain health and skin problems.

When it comes to consuming salt, there are two great options. On the one hand, common table salt; and, on the other hand, the salt of the Himalayas. Well, this second is more beneficial to health, since the salt of the Himalayas has nothing more and nothing less than 84 essential components very suitable for the body.

It is a very healthy natural alternative to common salt. However, its consumption is not recommended in excess.

The benefits of Himalayan salt

Skin: this 100% natural ingredient has a great selection of skin benefits by allowing cell renewal and hydration of the same. So, a good advice in relation to the salt of the Himalayas is a hot bath with it a couple of times a month.

The hot water allows to open the pores of the skin and, in this way, the salt of the Himalayas enters and penetrates the organism. It is a mineral free of chemicals, so it provides a variety of properties.

Decongest: Spring is the season in which most allergies occur. Well, this natural ingredient is very effective to decongest the nose and throat. Just dissolve nine grams of salt in a liter of warm water. Once the remedy is prepared, it is as simple as gargling with it. The procedure can be repeated three times a day.

Acne: Another of the great benefits of Himalayan salt has to do with its exfoliating and detoxifying action; a fantastic remedy to reactivate the health of the skin and eliminate all kinds of impurities, such as blackheads or pimples. To make this remedy, 10 grams of Himalayan salt and a couple of drops of rosehip essential oil are necessary. Then mix both ingredients in a bowl and soak a cotton ball with them to apply to the face.

Fluid retention: the pink salt of the Himalayas is a very beneficial product to treat the retention of liquids, since it contributes up to 10 types of different trace elements to the organism.

Energy: One of the great benefits of this type of salt is that it provides a large amount of antioxidants and electrolytes, so it is very useful when it comes to increasing the level of energy, both physical and mental.

There are many people who add half a teaspoon of this type of salt to their juices and smoothies, because, among other benefits, it strengthens the muscles and improves the capacity of both attention and concentration. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesFoods

The Miracle Healing of Pink Himalayan Salt - Dr Alan Mandell, DC (July 2024)