Scallops: properties and benefits

In a previous note we talked to you about the different properties of clams, a seafood whose flavor makes it a much sought after food in many cuisines, for being an ideal complement elaborated in sauce or with spaghetti.

Regarding the seafood We can find another food that is delicious as well as healthy: scallops, whose flavor complements almost perfectly when they are made with garlic, cilantro and parsley.

Of course, when buying them in the fish market we must keep in mind that the real and authentic fresh scallops They must have white and firm flesh. Therefore, if we are faced with darkened or odorous scallops it means that they are not fresh, and even that they may be in poor condition.

Benefits of scallops

The scallops they are especially rich in Group B vitamins, emphasizing above all among them the b12 vitamin. In regard to its content in minerals, we can highlight your high potassium content, selenium Y magnesium, as in calcium.

They do not have a high caloric intake, and are also low in fat, so their consumption is recommended in weight loss diets. In fact, 100 grams of scallops contribute only about 92 calories.

Thanks to its content in vitamin B12 it becomes a food that helps to prevent colon cancer, in addition to helping us keep bones in good condition. While being rich in magnesium they help regulate the nerves already keep the heart in optimal health conditions.

They are also rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps our body produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is useful in the treatment and prevention of insomnia and improves mood.

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