Shea butter and its benefits for the skin

Surely you have already heard about it, or it is more than likely that you have already used a product with it as a main ingredient. With the name of shea butter It is known a product that in recent years has become very popular in the cosmetics sector, evidently for the different and different benefits and properties that it provides when applied to the skin on a regular basis.

It is an important element in many cosmetic creams, whose use has increased enormously in the production of beauty products that aim to prevent and reduce stretch marks and wrinkles that appear on the skin.

Of course, so that the qualities and benefits of shea butter are the real and expected is necessary to opt for pure shea butter 100% natural, which means that it should not contain any type of additive or preservative.

What is shea butter?

The shea (scientifically known by the name of Vitellaria paradoxa) is an African tree that can reach up to 15 meters in height, characteristic of the different tree savannas found in West Africa. Your name means butter tree, and this denomination is mainly due to the butter that is obtained from the crushing of its nuts, fleshy drupes that have an almond of fine shell.

As a curiosity we must say that we are facing a tree capable of living up to three centuries, at the same time that the diameter of its trunk can reach up to one meter.

Precisely Shea butter is the paste that is obtained from the crushing and boiling of these nuts, which provides the possibility of obtaining a vegetable fat that is edible (being used in the local kitchen industrially and also by the chocolate industry in the chocolate production) and that is also used in cosmetics for its properties for the beauty.

The benefits of shea butter for the skin

Prevents the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy

During pregnancy is very common the appearance of stretch marks, especially in the abdomen and waist as a result of increased volume due to the growth and development of the baby. It is also common for them to arise in the chest due to the growth that the breasts suffer when they prepare for the production of breast milk.

Shea butter is very useful in preventing stretch marks both during pregnancy and during lactation. Moreover, while during pregnancy it is adequate to prevent the formation of stretch marks (especially when applied regularly and daily in those areas where these stretch marks tend to appear), during lactation it helps to prevent the formation of cracks in the chest.

Unique emollient properties, ideal for dry skin

Shea butter helps soften and repair the skin, becoming an excellent natural choice when it comes to reduce and treat cracks that appear on the skin. And how does it help? Returning elasticity to dry skin.

Therefore, it also acts as a wonderful natural moisturizer, avoiding dehydration by minimizing water leaving the skin while preserving it.

Useful for sensitive and delicate skin

If you have sensitive skin it is quite likely that you have already realized that not all cosmetics and products -even though they are natural- are good for your skin. Surprisingly Shea butter is useful for very delicate skin, providing an excellent moisturizing quality of both the skin of the face and the body.

What's more, it stands out for its high content of vitamin F, which becomes a truly vital component of cell membranes.

Anti-aging benefits

Because of its high content of essential nutrients shea butter helps prevent and treat skin aging, especially when that aging is premature, because it stimulates the metabolism of skin cells preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Qualities for lips

Since shea butter is useful and beneficial for dry skin it also becomes a excellent natural solution to moisturize dry lips, especially when this dryness has been caused by the cold. On the other hand, in addition to rehydrating them helps to bring a beautiful glow to the lips.

Excellent for hair care

Although shea butter has traditionally been used on the skin for its different qualities, did you know that it is also useful for the hair and the scalp? Helps protect hair from sun damage by exerting a protective effect.

But its benefits do not end here, given that regenerates hair restoring the hair structure, giving it shine, volume and a wonderful softness.

Other properties of shea butter to consider

In addition to the benefits mentioned in the previous lines, it also provides the following properties:

  • Solar erythemas: helps protect the skin against sunburn, which consists of inflammation of the skin that causes the appearance of red spots.
  • Healing: acts as a wound healing, especially when they are small and are not deep.
  • Dry and cracked hands: it can act in a very beneficial way as a hand cream, being ideal to treat cracks in the hands and also the dryness of the skin.

Shea Butter Benefits for Skin (June 2024)