Shiatsu: a natural and alternative technique

We could translate shiatsu, literally, by finger pressure, and it comes to consist of a natural technique that combines touch, pressure with the hands, elbows, forearms, thumbs and other parts of the body with the knowledge of the energy flow channels of the body.

Among its objectives, we find the elimination of toxins, relieve pain and release tension of muscle groups, at the same time they can be of great help to fight stress and anxiety.

Which is the History of Shiatsu? What is your functioning? Which are the techniques most used since ancient times ?.

History of Shiatsu

The origins of shiatsu (and of one's own history of shiatsu itself) we found it more than 5,000 years ago in the mountains of northern China, where the different Taoist priests practiced Do-In Ankyo.

This Do-In Ankyo consisted of a form of both body manipulation and meditation, which revealed and harmonized each person's own life force.

The spirit of most Chinese disciplines lies in trying to influence the "qi", which consists of the inseparable force of life itself, and which consists of the very energy of everything that happens in the universe.

In this way, part of these techniques were systematized under the name of shiatsu, at the same time that the first modern reference we found came through the teacher Tamai Tempaku, who -in 1919- published the book Shiatsu Ho.

But it was not until the middle of the last century when the shiatsu He again aroused great interest, being spread through two main currents: that of Master Shizuto Masunaga and that of Master Tokujiro Namikoshi.

How does Shiatsu work?

As we mentioned earlier, the shiatsu it is a way of influencing the general state that a person possesses, influencing both its own balance and the distribution of internal energies.

Therefore, the main objective of this technique is to make the receiver harmonize with the energy of the environment and life, helping to normalize energy situations from three ways: stabilizing the excesses -or defects- of the qi, reducing its imbalances and repairing the blockages that exist in its flow.

In fact it is known that the pressure on certain points where the energy is unbalanced can cause some discomfort, product of the tension that accumulates in those points. ThemesAlternative medicine

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