Skipping breakfast, is it bad?

Many nutritionists and doctors recommend making 5 meals a day, spread over breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner; especially because only in this way we ensure a correct supply of nutrients to our body.

However, it is common for us to follow lifestyles that are not beneficial to our health, as it is common for us to feel anxious or stressed, to always run from one side to the other, and not to eat with ease and, in special, to eat with health that which only brings us healthy virtues to our health.

Various studies show that when a person feels stressed, especially if he works or is away from home, he tends not to care so much what he eats, so he chooses fast food or garbage, and consumes it in just 5 or 10 minutes .

These studies also show that many people tend to skip breakfast, either because they are not hungry when they wake up, they are in a hurry, or they simply believe that it will not hurt them.

However, reality, as many nutritionists show, is very different ...

Is it bad to skip breakfast?

It is no coincidence that the saying having breakfast is the most important meal of the day be one of the best known.

Mainly because, through the breakfast, our body receives the signal that it must be put in "march", ingesting this way all the nutrients and the calories that we will need throughout the morning, not to feel tired or fatigued.

In addition, it is a mistake to think that by skipping breakfast we are going to lose weight. Above all because have breakfast it even becomes a great tactic to lose weight, given that the different enzymes responsible for burning fat receive the message that they get to work, so if you do not eat breakfast, it is more than likely that your body continues to store fat.

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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal? (September 2021)