Sleeping well is vital for a healthy healthy life

Of all it is known that those people do not rest well can not perform as much energy as physically throughout the day, and usually have a somewhat more irritable and negative mood than those subjects who do rest properly.

Many are the experts who recommend rest Y sleep well to be able to enjoy an energy and a vital force the next morning to be able to stay active throughout the day.

And is that sleep well also helps to maintain a style of healthy life Y healthy, since we give our body the rest it needs to "stop" actively and to recover.

But do you really know how to sleep well and how to rest properly? Here are some guidelines and basic tips.

Guidelines and advice to sleep well and rest correctly

  • You should avoid those drinks that stimulate the central nervous system, such as caffeine and alcohol, preferably in the nearest hours when you go to sleep.
  • Choose infusions and relaxing tisanes, and that in a certain sense they are ideal to rest better (medicinal plants and herbs to sleep).
  • Exercise regularly It provides the body with well-being, improving the quality of sleep. Try to practice it several hours before sleeping.
  • Try to get away from visual stimuli, such as video games, the Internet or television.
  • Opt for a book or magazine to relax. Likewise, it is much preferable to listen soft music.
  • Keep a positive attitude towards sleep and do not suggest with those occasions when you did not get to sleep quickly.
  • Avoid heavy meals, especially before going to bed.

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