Sounds of nature to relax

We live, it is true, in a difficult moment not only economically. It is very common that today we feel stressed or anxious practically without any apparent reason; and is that what once became good defense mechanisms, that alerted us to a danger and activated us to get away from them, today have become our greatest "enemies."

How many times have we not heard that about ... "how stressed I am", "I have a horrible anxiety", "I do not have time for anything" ... In most of the occasions, the anxiety or stress that we can feel is almost exclusively to mismanagement of our time, on the one hand, while on the other, it is common that we tend to worry about future issues that we still do not know (and fear), or situations that can happen and we are tense.

The truth is that in addition to practicing physical exercise as a way to de-stress, it can also be useful to practice some natural technique such as relaxation, meditation or yoga.

Precisely for those moments in which we thought about relaxing for some time, some time ago we made a compilation of relaxing online music, since the paused and non-lyrics music can help a lot in this sense.

The same goes for the nature sounds: listening to the song of a bird, the sound that causes a river or stream in its path, the waves of the sea or even the drops of rain when they fall on the leaves ... any natural element in this sense can be ideal, especially if we love nature.

To help you in those moments when you need to find inspiration, concentrate or just relax, we suggest an almost ideal collection of nature sounds:

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