Soy for women

Within the different natural supplements for women that provide those essential nutrients they need at different stages or moments of life, and particularly within that interesting list of essential foods for menopause (know more about the health of women in menopause), the soy (or soy) stands out especially.

Especially because it is a healthy and healthy food, which provides those estrogens that the woman lacks when arriving at the menopause, whose lack can cause a redistribution of the gauze, and it accumulates in the abdomen.

On this occasion we are going to talk to you about the different soy products for women that, at present, you can find in the market.

Soy for women

  • Soybean sprouts: Fundamentally it stands out for being germinated soybeans. It is ideal to include it in salads, and consumed cold, in addition to satiate, it refreshes.
  • Soy milk: It is an ideal alternative for dairy products, becoming in fact an excellent option for those people who suffer from lactose intolerance. We can also find it enriched in calcium, and it stands out for not including saturated fats.
  • Soy yogurts: They are a good alternative to dairy products, as is the case with milk. They can be enriched with calcium, and are ideal at any time, mainly because of their low saturated fat content.
  • Soy lecithin: It helps to lower high cholesterol, since it intervenes positively in the control of both cholesterol and fat metabolism.
  • Tofu: What would Japanese food be without the delicious tofu? It is rich in protein, while extremely poor in fat. It is ideal in soups or salads.
  • Tempeh: It is a fermented derivative, less known than the previous products, but it is usually compacted and cooked as if it were hamburger or meat (know more about the Soy burgers).

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