Start of summer 2018, do you know when it starts?

The summer, one of the stations that are characterized by being one of the most anticipated of the year, especially because in these months you can enjoy the best of the sun and the beach.

Regarding your own Early summer, it is necessary to know that this beginning varies according to the year in which we find ourselves, mainly due to the astronomical start of summer.

On this occasion, for example, it's your turn to know when the summer of 2018 begins, discovering a little more about the beginning of summer 2018.

Beginning of summer 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere

This year the beginning of summer 2018 will take place on Saturday June 21 at 12 noon 7 minutes (Peninsular time) in the Northern Hemisphere (11 hours 7 minutes of the Canary Islands), officially ending on September 23, when the fall will begin.

And how long will summer last this year? Specifically, will have a duration of 93 days and 15 hours.

In fact, as reported by the National Geographic Institute, throughout the summer there will be two planets that will be visible at dusk: Venus and Jupiter. While Mars, which will start the summer being visible especially at dawn, at the end of July it will be practically visible throughout the night.

These calculations have been provided by the National Astronomical Observatory (National Geographic Institute, belonging to the Ministry of Development).

When is the popular meteor shower?

As you probably know, during the summer there are two popular meteor showers, also popularly known asrains of stars. While the Acuáridas delta will reach its highest rate around July 30, the popular Perseids will reach their maximum rate around August 12.

As the experts say, 2018 will be an excellent year to observe the Perseids, thanks to the new moon, which will guarantee that the sky remains dark throughout the night.

Beginning of summer 2018 in the Southern Hemisphere

With regard to the beginning of summer 2018 in the Southern Hemisphere, the day will take place December 21, 2018, until March 20, 2018.

When did summer start in 2017?

In the year 2017 the beginning of the summer took place on June 21, and ended on September 22, 2017. In the Southern Hemisphere, however, it began on December 21, 2017, coinciding in turn the December solstice with the longest day of the year, beginning with the summer. ThemesSummer

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