Stress and stomach pain

Although it is usual for many people to consider stress As a real problem or enemy to fight, the truth is that we must not forget that in reality it is a process of adaptation, which causes or causes a state of alarm in the person, which feels alerted by a certain situation, which it frightens or worries you.

In fact, stress was the emotion that allowed our ancestors to survive certain situations (for example, when they could be attacked by a predator, or by other groups).

That yes, depending on the phase in which the stress is (for example, the initial tension that causes the activation of the organism, to a phase of chronic tension) is not the same, has certain consequences.

One of these negative and habitual consequences is related to the digestive system and more specifically to the stomach ache, since the digestive system is one of the parts of our body that most tend to suffer its consequences.

Why does stress cause stomach pain?

Nervousness and nervous tension caused by stress tend to cause abdominal pain, which often results in an annoying stomach pain that can trigger certain gastrointestinal disorders: vomiting, flatulence, burning and nausea.

Due to the acceleration of the activity of the colon, in addition to that stomach pain, it is usual for the person to suffer from constipation or intestinal alterations, such as diarrhea.

It is possible that the stressed person also has the urge to eat compulsively. This is because it also causes the appetite sensation to increase.

How to avoid stomach pain in the face of stress?

It is essential to reduce the daily stress we may feel in certain situations. To achieve this, the best option is always to try to find out before what situations or actions we feel stress, and try to think objectively if that stress is real or not, and above all to find a way to reduce it with a head.

Natural techniques such as practicing relaxation, meditation, yoga, pilates or even simply exercising every day are good remedies against stress.

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Mystery of Stomach Pain (May 2023)