Swollen hands in pregnancy: useful tips to alleviate them

It is very common that pregnant women see how his hands gradually swell with the passage of weeks. The truth is that it is a most painful and annoying condition since it allows us to develop our routine life with complete normality.

In fact, the woman will see as from the third or fourth week of gestation, his upper extremities have swollen, causing a considerable increase in weight, something that will make it impossible for him to wear, for example, his conventional clothes and shoes.

What are the causes of swelling of hands in pregnancy?

It should be noted that the swelling of hands or also known as " edemas " usually occur due to considerable fluid retention.

It can also occur because of an incorrect blood circulation caused by an unnatural position at bedtime or when sitting at work for a long period of time. Likewise, it can also be caused by other diseases such as hypertension or obesity.

On the other hand, the mere development of the fetus can cause a compression in the entire area of ​​the pelvis and that will translate later into a fluid retention considerable both in the abdomen, legs, hands and feet.

How can we relieve swelling of hands during pregnancy?

Now that you have known in depth all symptoms and causes that can cause swelling of hands, then we are going to give you a series of tips that are very simple to carry out and that will help you to say goodbye to this annoying condition.

Eat a low sodium diet

Diet plays a most important role when it comes to reducing hand swelling. In this sense, it seems very important Reduce the consumption of salt in all our meals and dinners since sodium tends to be stored in all the veins and arteries of our body causing more serious conditions such as hypertension or the high cholesterol.

If we want Season our meals in a much healthier way, we can make use of other condiments such as pepper, garlic or lemon.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

Both fruits and vegetables are usually completely hypocaloric while at the same time they have high fiber and water content. These two elements will help us to say goodbye to the intestinal calculations and therefore are the most positive at the time of favoring digestion.

Therefore, we do not need to tell you that you should increase the consumption of these foods on a daily basis to reduce the edema of the hands.

Say goodbye to saturated fats, sugar and alcohol

You should also eradicate Saturated fats so present in beef cattle and pork (and which are also found in fast food restaurants) next to refined sugar since they only increase the swelling of hands considerably.

All without commenting that the Alcohol is a great ally of fluid retention, especially in those drinks that exceed 30 degrees of alcohol as with vodka or gin that we must replace with at least two liters of water per day.

In any case, remember something fundamental: Alcoholic beverages are harmful to our health, especially during pregnancy, which negatively affects not only the health of the future mother, but the developing baby. Therefore, the recommendation is more than obvious: always avoid any alcoholic beverage, even if it has a low graduation (even if it is beer or wine).

Leaving aside the sedentary life

Be all day sitting or lying or sitting on the couch They're just going to make the swelling of the hands go worse over the weeks. To remedy it, a great idea is Exercise daily for at least thirty minutes.

It is also advised to carry out other relaxing activities as the Yoga or the pilates that will help us to calm down and stretch our whole body.

Perform massages on the extremities

By last, perform massage on hands, legs and fingers too can help us considerably reduce edema during pregnancy. For this, it is advised that you put yourself in the hands of a specialist and tell him what your needs are. In this way, he will know what to do at all times those massages that will be most effective to finally say goodbye to the swelling of hands. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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