Symptoms of menstruation

The symptoms of menstruation are usually typical and easily identifiable. Although there may be cases of irregular menstruation in which they may not appear, it is interesting to know the most basic symptoms.

The menstruation It is considered as a very important moment in a woman's life, since it establishes the passage from childhood to puberty, which generates a series of symptom basic in women.

Explained more or less simply, the menstruation it is the moment in which the detachment of the innermost layer of the uterus takes place, which supposes the rupture of tissues and some small arteries that, finally, facilitate the bleeding.

It usually occurs every 30 days, although at different times or circumstances, it can be delayed or advanced, also depending on the woman herself.

Symptoms of menstruation

  • Pre-ovulation phase (days after the rule itself):
    - Sensation of fullness.
    - Sensation of renewed energies.
    - Joy and optimism.
  • Ovulation phase (between one to two weeks after the period):
    - Increased vaginal discharge or discharge.
    - Pungent pain on one side of the lower belly.
  • Post-ovulation phase (one day before the rule):
    - Swelling in the lower abdomen.
    - Increased fat in the hair and on the skin.
    - Feelings of sadness and melancholy.
    - Lack of concentration and little memory.
  • Menstruation phase:
    - Bleeding or bleeding.
    - Pains in the lower abdomen.
    - Back pain.
    - Pain in the legs.
    - Nausea and vomiting.
    - Swollen and sensitive breasts.
    - Diarrhea.

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