Tea time: curiosities of this British tradition

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Is it truly its origin in Great Britain as we believe? Undoubtedly everyone when we think about tea time comes to mind that British tradition known as '' tea time ''.

Actually the origin of this drink is found in China, it is difficult to determine who was its inventor because it is a drink that is more than 4000 years old. There is a story, probably the most accepted that goes hand in hand with Emperor Shen Nung, who had the habit of boiling water and drinking it for hygiene reasons.

In a curious way Shen Nung was one day many years ago under a tree lying down when he suddenly took his boiled water and some leaves of the tree fell into his drink. He was surprised by how the liquid changed its color and he continued to drink it and this drink was born.

Nevertheless, in Great Britain it does not appear until 1658 in London thanks to the announcement of a commerce that sold this product. At that time, tea was a symbol of social distinction because it was exported and was a very expensive product.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the famous tea time or tea time It is under the hand of the Duchess of Bedford, who one day woke up after a nap after lunch and felt that feeling of emptiness in her stomach.

The duchess ordered her servants to prepare a cup of tea accompanied by some pasta and the idea was so liked that it was repeated while inviting her friends and ended up giving birth to this custom. This may be its most accepted origin, although the exact moment at which it originates is not known.

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At first it is an act of high class but over time its price was normalized and it was possible for the other classes to enjoy this small and cozy space of time to enjoy it. It served to combat hunger between lunch and dinner, so it was taken between 3 and 6 in the afternoon.

Although it is true that the English drink tea at all hours, the well-known space as afternoon tea It has been falling into disuse although many English continue to use this tradition. Usually a teapot of black tea of ​​the Earl Gray type, a Darjeeling or Ceylan or a mixture of black teas is served, which is accompanied by a jug of milk and lemon to give the tea more aroma.

Along with this time and tea is usually accompanied with a rich variety of sweet and savory snacks. For example, along with cucumber, salmon and cream sandwiches, watercress and egg, roatbeef and mustard. Also, along with "Sconers" known as English muffins accompanied by jam with strawberry, raspberry and cream and also some kind of glazed cakes.

Currently it is a moment reserved for a special occasion.

Do you dare to share this tradition with your friends and family or just to dedicate a moment of the day to stop, take a little time and have a cup of tea?


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