Thalassotherapy, natural sea therapy

The thalassotherapy it comes to be the treatment of those diseases, naturally, through all the elements of the marine environment, regardless of whether it is water, algae, sand, mud and air.

For most of the Natural therapies used by the thalassotherapy, it is enough just to bathe in the sea in order to enjoy and take advantage of all its properties.

However, for another type of therapies and natural remedies Many experts filter seawater to eliminate toxins and ensure their purity, and can be carried out in different ways, such as local or topical, nostrils, mouth or ears, among others.

The most important benefits of thalassotherapy

The movement of the waves against the body help to relax and tone the muscles, while also walking helps to harden the legs of the people who practice it by the resistance of the force of the sea.

Precisely for this reason thalassotherapy is recommended for the recovery and strengthening of tired muscles, being ideal for athletes or stressed people who wish to relax.

And is that with thalassotherapy, in addition, you get to take advantage of all the benefits of the sea, since along with minerals such as iodine (found in algae), we find marine salts in suspension (chlorine or sodium) and even mud .

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