The 7 Chakras: what they are, where they are and what stones are useful

The chakras they are psychic centers that are found in the physical body through which energy has to circulate. These psychic centers govern various aspects of our life, causing any emotion or thought to disturb or destabilize the energy that flows through them.

The chakras They are located from the coccyx to the crown of the head and are divided into seven different points of the anatomy of the human being.

Each of the seven chakras corresponds to an endocrine gland that we will mention later to properly locate each one of them.

When some aspect of our being related to the corresponding chakra is plugged or destabilized that chakra stops bringing and bringing energy to others causing a disconnection with the other energy centers.

The energy that flows through them is continuous and when they flow they rotate in a clockwise direction, so if they turn in the opposite direction it says that the chakra is closed and the energy is not flowing properly.

When a chakra is closed the energy is obstructed and there is some blockage related to some aspect of life connected to that chakra.

Where do we find the 7 chakras

  • Muladhara or root chakra: is connected to the corticoadrenal glands and it is located between the anus and the genitals. The right color for this chakra is the Red and its element is the land. It is blocked by fear, fear of what you fear, you have to let the fears show clearly.

  • Svadhisthana or sacral chakra: connected with Kidney glands and it is located in the sacrum. Its color is orange and the element is the Water. It is blocked by guilt, we must know how to forgive.

  • Manipura or solar plexus chakra: located two fingers above the navel connected to the spleen, stomach and liver. The color it represents is the yellow and the element is the fire. It is blocked by shame.

  • Anahata or heart chakra: connected to the gland of scam and it is located in the heart. Its color is green, related to the feelings of the heart and the corresponding element is the air. It is blocked by pain.

  • Vishuddha or throat chakra: related to thyroid gland, is located in the throat, related to communication. The color that corresponds is the blue, related to communication and its element is the ether.

  • Ajna or third eye chakra: the related gland is the pituitary, and it is located between the two eyes. The corresponding color is the Violet, related to intuition and knowledge. Block with the illusion.

  • Sahasrara or crown chakra: the related gland is the hypophysis, the center and connection with the cosmic energy. It is located on the top of the head, the color that corresponds is the Violet or indigo, white or gold. It is blocked by worldly ties.

The use of stones and chakras

Through the power and energy of the stones it can be achieved to release the repressed traumas and communicate the person with his source of truth and power. As I said in the previous article, the cure demands concentration.

The stones they usually make changes in the aura producing breakdowns, sometimes very important, in which we are infatuated and do not want to leave it without realizing that we are losing the best.

Next, I will ask you to spread the people on the floor and place them on the energy points or chakras. I describe them below to familiarize and know.

The use of stones according to the chakras

  • Crown chakra: Central top of the head.

  • Throat chakra: Base of the neck.

  • Solar plexus: Low ribs.

  • Sexual chakra: Pubic center.

  • Heart chakra: Above the plexus.

  • Navel chakra: Umbilical point.

  • Base Chakra: Coxal point.

After analyzing the problems that the person has, they act on those who need more cleanliness and energy. Then the stones are chosen according to the properties from the same. Stones like malachite, which absorb the negative energies. They should also remember that they need a purification after each use.

Trying to achieve a balance should be placed blue stones in the head, violet and pink in the chest, at least one golden stone in the navel and another dark in the pubic area.

It would be very important for the person to have a mirror and to observe how the stones shine. Surely some will twinkle more than others, being able to observe in which points of the body the person needs more help. ThemesAlternative medicine

Chakra Stones and how to place them on the body (October 2022)