The apple, an excellent natural antidepressant ideal for winter

There is no doubt that both autumn and winter tend to be two seasons that most often affect our health, not only because of the arrival of cold, rain and ultimately bad weather, but by the decrease in light solar, which in turn influences in a negative way in our own organism, and more especially in our state of mind. Therefore, when we almost reached the end of winter It is quite normal to feel drowsy, apathy… definitely, a drop in energy which in turn joins a increased appetite.

Although in reality you do not believe it, we are facing symptoms of a phenomenon that many people suffer at this time, but whose name few know for sure: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It consists of a syndrome that was first defined in 1984 by the researcher of the National Institute of Mental Health of the United States, E. Rosenthal, who As a direct cause of the onset of this disorder, the decrease in exposure to ambient light during the winter months.

Precisely for those who want and want to fight against this syndrome, and even more against this decline, Apples Val Venosta retrieves a recent study carried out by the University of Queensland (Australia), in which 6,000 people participated and whose conclusions are certainly clear: eat at least two pieces of fruit a day helps fight depression, especially in middle-aged women.

But the results of this study do not stop there, given that points directly to the apple as one of the most effective fruits. Why? Very simple: the apple is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory qualities, in addition to providing very interesting amounts of antioxidants, which enhance the production of neurotransmitters linked to the generation of feelings of well-being in the body and in the mind. For example, the apple is very rich in quercetin, a substance capable of helping to increase our levels of dopamine and improve neuronal functioning, providing sensations of pleasure, euphoria and fullness.

So, what better excuse than to enjoy all the qualities that Val Venosta apples bring you, if they are excellent for your health and will help you to improve your mood in winter?

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