The apple is ideal for weight loss: its weight loss properties

The Apple It is a tremendously delicious fruit, which in addition to providing properties to our body and being fundamental in a healthy and balanced diet, also provides interesting benefits to lose weight and lose weight.

As we already knew in our article dedicated to the benefits of the apple to lose weight, from a nutritional point of view it is rich in fiber, which helps to reduce the constipation that in many occasions is so present in the slimming diets.

Contains malic acid, so it helps eliminate and mobilize those fats that accumulate in our body, and therefore our body does not need.

It also stands out for its very low caloric and fat content, so that 100 grams of apples contribute only 52 kilocalories, and only 0.4 grams of total fat.

The truth is that we can not underestimate the Apple vinager to lose weight, since it does not contain calories, helps reduce appetite and accelerates the combustion of fats.

How to use the apple to enjoy its slimming benefits

The truth is that apples stand out for being tremendously versatile fruits, so that in slimming diets can be even consumed alone - individually - or combined with other foods with power or slimming effect.

For example, well washed and eaten alone individually, the apple becomes an excellent remedy against constipation, since most of its fiber content is found in your skin.

It can also be combined with other fruits in a magnificent natural fruit cocktail, which as a dessert or snack will help to provide our body with the different essential nutrients it needs, while we do not choose to eat other more caloric products.

Of course, when combining fruits, we must take care to mix sweet fruits with acid, because although the palate combination can be delicious, can be a real "pump" for our stomach. Since the apple is a semi-acid fruit, it is best to combine it with strawberries, plums, peaches, watermelons, medlars, pomegranates, papayas or pears.

It is also ideal in the form of juice or smoothies; although regarding this last option, if our objective is to lose weight, remember that it is best to substitute milk of animal origin for vegetable options such as, for example, oat milk, rice milk or almond milk. On the other hand, you can also sweeten them for low-calorie options, as with stevia.

Ideal apple properties to lose weight

The apple has a high water content (around 85% approximately), in addition to providing interesting amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins (among which we find vitamins of group B, A and C), as well as minerals (such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium).

It is extremely rich in fiber, quality that means that it is useful for decrease constipationwhich, incidentally, tends to be so characteristic and common in most weight loss diets. Further, helps regulate the metabolism of our body in a totally natural and effective way.

But its qualities do not end here, since did you know that fiber provides satiety? It is ideal in fact to satisfy our hunger, which in the end means that we will stay satisfied longer when we eat apple.

Your caloric intake is tremendously reduced, as we saw at the beginning of this note, and also It is a fruit well tolerated by diabetic people.

On the other hand, we must not forget the recommendation made by many doctors and specialists regarding the consumption of apples. According to different scientific studies, consuming two apples a day helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. And the old saying is ... "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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