The benefits and properties of gentian and 5 natural remedies

The gentian It is a medicinal plant whose scientific name is "Gentiana Lutea"And belongs to the family of Gencianáceas. What most characterizes this medicinal plant is its bitterness for what is considered and used as a bitter tonic and is very effective, even being bitter tones without getting irritated.

The active principles of the gentian are: bitter principles, genciopicrina and amarogentina, gentianina, tannins, pectina, mucĂ­lagos and sugar. The properties of gentian are the following: tonic, gastric stimulant, antimicrobial, emmenagogue, hepatoprotector, sialagogue and cholagogue.

Gentian by its properties is beneficial to treat various conditions. Being a bitter tonic is effective for cases in which you need to stimulate appetite, also helps stimulate digestion and gastric secretions.

Gentian is also effective in the case of slow digestions, difficult digestion, flatulence, to stimulate liver function, strengthen defenses.

Also for help liver to perform its functions, especially when there is liver failure.

Gentian is a medicinal plant that also favors our immune system helping us to raise the defenses.

The part of the plant that is used to prepare the different remedies as well as other gentian formats that we can find in the dispensaries of natural products, is the root and rhizome.

Gentian is also used for external use, for treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, and also to prevent hair loss and to fight dandruff.

Discover how to prepare 5 folk remedies with gentian

How to prepare a stomach tonic with gentian root

To prepare this stomach tonic we will prepare a tisane with the root of gentian macerated in cold water.

Prepare the tisane with 5 grams of gentian root that we will marinate in a liter of mineral water for 5 hours.

This stomach tonic can be taken before or after meals, and the size of a glass.

How to prepare a more concentrated stomach tonic for appetizers

In this case to prepare this stomach tonic and make it more concentrated we need 3 grams of gentian root and a cup of cold mineral water.

We put the 3 grams of gentian root into the glass of cold water and let it macerate for 4 hours.

After the time we can take the tonic.

We can have a glass before meals.

How to prepare a gentian decoction to favor good digestion

To prepare this infusion we will need a half teaspoon of crushed gentian root and a cup of mineral water.

We put the water and the crushed gentian root in a heater to the fire.

Once it is boiling, keep boiling for 5 minutes.

Remove from heat and strain the infusion.

When it is warm, we can take it.

This infusion will take half an hour before meals to promote digestion.

This infusion is also appropriate to take when we have stomach heaviness.

How to prepare a gentian tonic to increase defenses

Gentian also has beneficial properties to help us raise the defenses, is also effective to prevent colds, flu, throat, and to reduce the symptoms that accompany the allergy.

To prepare this tonic we need a spoonful of dried root of gentian and a cup of cold mineral water.

We leave macerating throughout the night, this tonic can take a glass, twice a day that we can sweeten with a teaspoon of honey, or brown sugar cane.

Gentian remedy for external use, psoriasis

Gentian can also be used in preparations for external use.

For this preparation we need to make an infusion with the dried root of gentian.

We will prepare the infusion with 20 grams of dried root of gentian and a liter of water.

We put the water and the gentian root in a cauldron to boil.

Let boil for 5 minutes.

Remove from heat, cover and let stand for 15 minutes.

We apply the infusion and even warm it to the areas with psoriasis.

We can wet some sterile gauze in the gentian infusion and apply it on the affected areas.

Gentian contraindications

The gentian whenever the advised or recommended quantities are ingested usually does not present any problem, so it is advisable to consult and let yourself be guided by the professionals once we have acquired root or another format in which the gentian comes, as well as following the guidelines of the leaflet .

The consumption of gentian is contraindicated in these cases:

  • In case of allergy or intolerance to gentian.
  • In case of pregnancy.
  • In the period of lactation.
  • In children under 2 years.
  • When you suffer from hypertension, gastritis or ulceration.
This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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