The benefits of eating seeds every day, that great little food

When it comes to following a balanced, healthy and above all complete diet, the seeds they become an indispensable natural option thanks to their different nutritional qualities, as well as for the different benefits they provide. As you surely know, consist basically of mature ovules of very small size from which new plants will be born, in case of existing the necessary and necessary conditions for it.

These are produced in the plant from the maturation of an ovule of an angiosperm or gymnosperm, and inside it contains an embryo capable of developing as long as the right circumstances exist. In addition, it is wrapped in a protective cover and contains a stored nutrient source inside.

Therefore they become a healthy food, at the same time delicious: they are extremely rich in essential nutrients, highlighting as we will see throughout this note for its rich in healthy fats and easily assimilated proteins. But let's go in parts.

How many types of seeds are there?

Actually today there is a wide diversity of edible seeds that can -and should- be part of our daily diet, mainly because of the different essential nutrients that contribute to our body when consumed on a regular basis. Although it is true that, in reality, we only know a few or tend to eat only a few.

We can mention the Sesame seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, grape, apple, wheat, millet, watermelon, melon and flax. All these seeds stand out precisely because they are edible, although in a certain sense we only tend to eat a few of them. For example, it is more common to consume sesame or sunflower seeds than apple, melon or watermelon.

The properties that bring us to consume seeds daily

Although each seed provides us with essential nutrients and certain benefits, it is possible to establish a series of qualities that all share with each other. Which are? We reveal them to you next.

Incredible nutritional wealth

The seeds become a very complete nutritious food. In fact, as we will know in detail in the following sections, they stand out for example for their incredible wealth in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant useful to prevent cancer and reduce premature aging of the skin.

As well They are very rich in good quality fats and easily assimilated proteins, which means that they are easily digestible (in comparison with other proteins, such as, for example, those of animal origin).

High content of natural antioxidants

The seeds are extremely rich in vitamin E, an essential nutrient essential for our body because it helps protect our tissues against the negative action of free radicals, which can damage our cells, organs and tissues and play a prominent role in diseases and diseases related to aging.

Further, help keep our immune system in good condition.

Useful against cholesterol and high triglycerides

The presence of healthy fats in the composition of most seeds make them an adequate food when we have high levels of fats in the blood, in particular both cholesterol and triglycerides.

And is that regularly consume a handful of seeds every day will help us lower cholesterol and triglycerides, especially if we have high.

They reinforce the nervous system

The nutritious composition of the seeds make them an appropriate natural option to take care of our nervous system, as well as to keep it in good condition. This is mainly due to its richness in healthy fats.

They provide us with energy

The seeds help us tone our physical body, in addition to improving our state of emotional well-being. For this reason, it is ideal to consume them in the morning at breakfast or mid-morning, because ultimately they provide us with the energy we need to start the day well. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSeeds Food

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