The benefits of nutmeg and its most important properties

The nutmeg It is the fruit of an evergreen plant which is scientifically known by the name of Myristica, nutmeg tree or simply mystic. It is native of Indonesia, although it is true that today it is cultivated in a large number of countries. From it you get the well-known spice, which is made from the seeds of this tropical fruit. We must also name the mace, which is the aril that covers the nutmeg and is also used as an aromatic spice, especially in the production of coconut milk and curry sauces.

It is a spice commonly used in many cuisines around the world, as a flavoring and for its slightly sweet and fine flavor, especially in the preparation of broths and stews with potatoes, meat dishes and also in desserts. In fact, it is part of the preparation of some curries in Indian cuisine in the same way that the turmeric, and its use in the preparation of sweets is also common.

The benefits of nutmeg

Help in the prevention of heart disease

The heart disease they are cardiovascular disorders that affect the heart's ability to function properly. Its causes are actually very varied, although the most common is related to a narrowing or blockage in the coronary arteries that supply blood to the myocardium.

Nutmeg is very rich in monoterpenes, a compound with anticoagulant properties that help in the natural prevention of heart disease. It is also useful for regular consumption in case of heart problems. It helps in turn when it comes to prevent the formation of thrombi.

Excellent natural antibacterial

Nutmeg is a wonderful natural antibacterial, which helps us when it comes to protecting our organism from the spread of certain bacteria, such as, for example, the Escherichia Coli.

Useful in the natural treatment of Crohn's disease

The Crohn's disease It consists of an intestinal disorder of autoimmune type, which is characterized by being a chronic inflammatory process that affects the intestinal tract mainly.

Nutmeg has proven useful in its treatment by acting with a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory, especially when it comes to relieving and improving the inflammation of the intestine caused by this chronic ailment.

Relieves pain in the gums

Although nutmeg has been commonly used as a stimulant for its tonic action, the fact is that provides a slightly sedative effect. Therefore, it has also been used at the time of relieve gum pain, especially if its essential oil is used.

How to eat nutmeg to enjoy its properties?

The ideal is to try to grate the nutmeg directly before consumption, although it is true that the most common is to find it already in the form of dust on the shelves of supermarkets and supermarkets. You can add it to your tea or regular infusion, combine it in your dishes and meals and drink it with water.

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