The benefits of saunas to prevent heart disease

The saunas They are rooms, usually made of wood, which have a high temperature (between 80 and 100 degrees approximately), so that our body must work to keep cold. It is a healthy and recommended option when we want to eliminate toxins and purify our body. But before enjoying the qualities offered by a sauna session it is necessary to keep in mind some basic tips: it is not advisable for pregnant women and for those who suffer from hypertension problems, or suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease. Interestingly, and despite these basic contraindications to consider before using a sauna, a recent scientific study seems to have shown otherwise, according to the results that have been obtained.

This scientific study has been published recently in the specialized journal JAMA of Internal Medicine. In the research, a group of 2,315 Finnish men aged between 42 and 60 years, living in the province of Kuopio, and regular sauna sessions were analyzed.

According to the results obtained from this research (with a mean follow-up of almost 21 years), it seems saunas help reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death. As you surely know, it consists of a fatal coronary disease that occurs and appears without previous warning of risk. In fact, the researchers in this case are clear: the risk decreases the more saunas are enjoyed.

Specifically, the risk of suffering a sudden cardiac death was 22% lower in men who took between two and three sessions of sauna each week, and 63% in those who did between four and seven times. In addition, death due to cardiovascular disease was 27% lower for the former, and 50% less for the latter.

The qualities of saunas in the prevention of heart disease are found in improving endothelial function, improving pulmonary ventilation and also help reduce the incidence of arrhythmias.

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