The best aphrodisiac foods

It is always a great idea to enjoy a meal or a romantic dinner in the company of our partner, or the person with whom we want to spend a unique and unforgettable moment.

Luckily, we have a great diversity of elements or products that theoretically could help us achieve a intimate environment with which to enjoy the tranquility, privacy and why not ?, the peace that we can not enjoy every day.

For example, we can choose romantic and relaxing music, a little incense and / or scented candles, a relaxing bath and finish with a romantic meal or dinner.

To end the evening, a great option is to prepare lunch or dinner with aphrodisiac foods, in which suggestive flavors and aromas intermingle, which in addition to stimulating our senses help us to create a more intense and ardent environment.

The best aphrodisiac foods

  • Vegetables: certain vegetables contain virtues directly related to the libido or with the correct and optimal functioning of our body in intimate moments. The best? The carrots increase sex hormones, celery increases male sex hormones, and the Asparagus boosts blood circulation.
  • Seafood: of course, they are the aphrodisiac food par excellence when we want to enjoy an aphrodisiac meal or dinner. The most useful? The oysters, clams Y prawns.
  • Spices: in addition to its delicate aroma, they bring a clearly aphrodisiac flavor and virtues. For lunch or dinner, the ideal ones are pepper, saffron, cumin, coriander or clove. For the desserts you could not miss cinnamon and ginger.
  • FruitsAlthough they are not aphrodisiac in themselves, they can help to maintain an intimate game with the couple. The best known are strawberries or banana, which can be accompanied with cream or melted chocolate.
  • Nuts: are snacks that stimulate our body and can be ideal in the accompaniment of dishes. Of course, since they are certainly "heavy", it is not advisable to abuse them. The most appropriate? The almonds or the pistachios, among others.

Nor could we forget such delicious food - and aphrodisiac - as the chocolate, one of the best known par excellence, along with seafood. Did you know that also Royal jelly Is it an aphrodisiac ?.

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