The chrome

The chrome It is an essential mineral for our body, and ultimately it is also for our health. Since our body is not able to produce it, the only way to provide it to our body is from food, always opting for foods rich in chromium.

As we get older we tend to retain less chromium, so a chromium-rich supplement is interesting and useful in this very important stage of life.

Chrome functions

  • Stimulates the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol.
  • Important in the metabolism of fats.
  • Important in the metabolism of insulin.
  • Maintains correct blood pressure.

Benefits of chrome

In addition to the functions of the chromium indicated in the previous section, it also provides the following benefits:

  • It helps to split sugar, so it helps in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Maintains blood pressure in the blood at normal levels.

Recommended daily amounts of chromium

A recommended daily amount of more than 25 ug of chromium is recommended, which is considered medically appropriate, and therefore lacking in health risks.

0-6 months0,20,2
7-12 months5,55,5
1-3 years1111
4-8 years1515
9-13 years2521
14-18 years3524
19-50 years3525
+51 years3020
Pregnancy and lactation-18 years25
Pregnancy and lactation+18 years35

Deficiency symptoms of chromium deficiency

The deficit of chromium can cause:

  • Low tolerance to glucose.
  • Elevated levels of blood sugar.
  • Levels of high cholesterol.

Foods richer in chrome

Here are the main sources of chromium:


Chrome content
(100 gr.)


183 mg


121 mg

Beer yeast

117 mg


57 mg


56 mg


47 mg

Wholemeal bread

42 mg

Wheat bran

38 mg

Whole cane sugar

35 mg


29 mg

Potatoes (old)

27 mg

Wheat germ

23 mg


15 mg


10 mg


10 mg


7 mg

Skimmed milk

3 mg

Who may need chromium supplements

Mainly those people who have diabetes and those who want to increase their HDL cholesterol and reduce or lower LDL cholesterol.

Therapeutic uses of chromium

  • Those who wish to develop a lean muscle (athletes).
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