The cracked heels

It is very usual that at a certain moment we realize that in the heels small cracks appear, mostly regular, and in cases where they tend to be somewhat deeper they can hurt. We are faced with a quite common disorder or problem, which is popularly known by the name of cracked heels.

Basically they consist of regular cut wounds that cause the appearance of a species of "cracks" in the heels, which -in most cases- affect only the surface of the epidermis. However, when they become somewhat more annoying and even painful, it is because they also affect the dermis.

What are the causes for the heels to crack?

It is quite common that the main cause is dehydration; that is, the skin around the sides of the feet is dry, and as a consequence tends to crack.

This dehydration usually occurs especially in people who are standing constantly, since there is a lot of pressure on the sole of the foot. In addition, it can also affect the elderly.

Other conditions such as overweight can increase the pressure on the fat layer under the heel.

It is also normal that the use of certain shoes (such as sandals or even open shoes) tend to cause an increased risk of cracks in the heels, since the fat under the heel usually expand sideways.

Symptoms of cracked heels

  • Wounds similar to "cracks" in the heels (as if they were small cuts).
  • Red or scaly spots.
  • Skin that is torn and / or itchy.
  • Sometimes blood or waste may appear.

How to treat and reduce cracks in the heels?

You can use different beauty and health products specially developed for these situations. The most useful are those creams that contain urea, but you can also use natural products, such as sweet almond oil.

Some natural remedies especially useful

  • Squeeze the juice of a lemon mixed with water, and soak the feet in it for 15 minutes.
  • Every day, after the shower, soak your feet in soapy water for 20 minutes.
  • Crush a ripe banana and leave it on the heels for 15 minutes.

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